Hal Spacejock


Freighter pilot Hal Spacejock refuses to work for gun runners, drug smugglers and politicians. Unfortunately, this results in no customers, no cargo jobs and no hope of paying off the huge loan on his precious ship.
When a debt collector kicks in his airlock and threatens his life, Hal grabs the nearest job and blasts off without reading the fine print. Can he deliver the freight and pay off his debt, or is this Hal’s last cargo run?

(Book one in the Hal Spacejock series.)

What they're saying:

"Simon Haynes is the Australian Terry Pratchett" - Midwest Book Review

"Fast, funny, quirky, enthralling comedy adventure; not just a genre parody but a well-made story in its own right, told with a light, deft touch. Hal's battle of wills with the uppity airlock is a special joy" - Tom Holt

"The quirkiest genre satire to hit bookshelves since Terry Pratchett's Discworld"
The West Australian

"Things start to go wrong and just keep going that way in this clever novel. A very funny science fiction read." Fiction Focus

"Riddled with slapstick humour and glib one-liners" - Courier Mail, Brisbane

"A space opera full of humorously cringe-worthy moments" - Dominion Post, New Zealand

"An underground cult hit . . . just the thing to read when all you want is to forget your troubles for a while and enjoy someone else's engaging and well-crafted world" - January Magazine

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