History and Hamilton: A Critical Analysis of the Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ron Chernow Broadway Show


The Broadway show "Hamilton" is incredibly popular. But is it accurate? This critical analysis challenges the history portrayed in Lin-Manuel Miranda's show, reviewing the Hamilton lyrics, song by song, for accuracy.

Mr. Miranda based Hamilton off of the biography by Ron Chernow, who is listed as a historical consultant for the show. The show purports to be accurate history. This digital analysis challenges the honesty of that claim, listing over 120 inaccuracies. Some of the major overarching themes of the show are questioned, with links provided to provide the reader with plenty of information. 

Whether you're a lover of the show, a detractor, or just someone interested in learning the history behind it, you'll appreciate this book. Anyone interested in Alexander Hamilton as a person, or in the history of the Revolution, should find it a stimulating read.