Joe Dreamer and His Easter Bunny
‘Joe Dreamer’ Relishes the Festive Season in Caribbean Adventure, ‘Joe Dreamer and His Easter Bunny’
– Joe the Dreamer is onto his next great adventure in the just released ‘Joe Dreamer and His Easter Bunny’. The illustrated children’s book is the next in the series of books by author Karlene Stewart, and is available for a free download from March 20 to April 2, 2018 on Kindle.

Children and parents who enjoyed reading the first Joe Dreamer adventure will be surprised at what is in store in the second volume released this Easter. As you know, Joe loves to color and draw, but what will he do if he has no materials? On a visit to the Easter Fair, Joe meets an unusual friend, and his imagination soon gets to work in completely unexpected ways.

The first volume treated readers to the imaginative powers of Joe, all of five years old, playing on a disappointing, rainy day at the beach, only to conjure up a giant whale that soon springs to life. Just like the first adventure, ‘Joe Dreamer and His Easter Bunny’, set on the sunny paradise of Cayman Islands, carries forward the theme of the powers that our imagination holds.

“Joe Dreamer and His Easter Bunny is a cute adventure. In fact, Joe Dreamer has a whole series of other great adventure books for young readers,“ says the HUGEOrange Publication Review.

The illustrated children’s adventure series carries the vibe and buzz of the Caribbean, and makes for good bedtime fiction, and parents can introduce the curious world of Joe to their kids during daytime as well. Author Karlene Stewart weaves her narratives with the simple belief that children are creative souls and stories feed them with the needed fuel to grow. Her works also inculcate skills such as problem solving, and help children build confidence.

The third volume in the Joe Dream series, ‘Joe Dreamer and the Big Iguana’, is slated for release by the end of this year.

Karlene K. Stewart grew up in Jamaica, where she obtained a Master of Arts degree in Communication for Social and Behavior Change. Currently based in the Cayman Islands, Karlene has been writing stories since her teenage years, where she freelanced as a youth writer in Jamaica. Some of her previous bestselling works are the philosophical ‘What If: All You Can Imagine’, ‘Journey of Miracles Through a Young Girl's Eyes’, and the inspirational ‘You Can Rise Up’. Karlene also writes on her blog, Let Panic Flow. Some of her creative muses include Joel Osteen and Dr Seuss.
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