The Wonders of Monkey Mac!: Lessons of faith, hope and love!    

How many Snacker Packer Stacker’s can a snacker packer stack, for a snac, like Snac, Pac, Stac and monkey Mac? Find out in this incredible comedy, how Mac is raised as a human and then given his own apartment in the zoo for a scientific experiment, to see how the wild monkeys will react. He escapes every chance he gets and meets up with his best friends Early Earl, Snac, Pac and Stac. They race their go-carts against some girls at school, only to find themselves in big trouble and a goofy cop looking for them. Have fun building your own Snacker Packers Stackers, enjoy riddles, rhymes and sing along songs. It deals with bullying, friendship, fears, stealing, competition, lying and cheating. It’s a great story any kid would love!