Keeno Explores the Farm

This book is an ideal way to introduce young children to the farm setting, teach them about different animals and help them recognise numbers and count to 10. It is matched to the literacy and numeracy standards for early years and introduces recognised high frequency words, repetition, simple rhyme and number recognition. The central character is a big friendly fluffy German Shepherd (Keeno) who :wags and woofs" and loves to explore.

Keeno is a big friendly dog who loves to go for rides in his Mum’s orange jeep and explore the world around him. In this adventure, Keeno visits the farm where he says hello – wags and woofs – to lots of different animals. He learns the names of the different animals, the sounds they make and how to count to 10. 


Author Bio

Dr Lesley Hunter started her career as a teacher then worked in an education authority before spending 12 years as a school inspector in the UK. She has worked across all age ranges but her main focus has been early years and primary development. Her international work has taken her into schools in Dubai, Spain, Hong Kong and Gibraltar. 

Lesley was awarded a doctorate in 2015 for her research into leadership and leader development. She works with principals and senior school leaders to support school improvement and outstanding teaching and learning. She is also currently an educational advisor to the Crown Prince Court in Abu Dhabi for their national moral education curriculum.

The central character in Lesley’s ‘Keeno Explores’ series is based on her own beautiful German Shepherd who has travelled the world with her and made lots of friends along the way. He is the inspiration for a series of explorations that have been brought to life with exciting and vivid illustrations to draw children into his adventures and help them learn.