Killers: A Novel     

All Jon ever wanted was to be normal, but the grisly murder of his parents when he was just a child left something terrible brewing inside of him. Jon was a killer, a fact he’d long accepted as he now lives on the streets, looking for a place he belongs in this world. 

On a night that seems like fate, while on a train heading west, a stranger intervenes as Jon is on the verge of his most recent crime. His name is Professor James Conrad, and he asks Jon to come live with him and a group of young serial killers he has taken under his wing. Together, they search for a purpose in their murderous ways. 

It isn’t long after that a new sadistic serial killer begins to terrorize Seattle, leaving cryptic messages intended for the Professor and throwing a wrench into all they’re trying to accomplish. As Jon struggles with his need to kill, his questions about what Conrad's true motives are, and even his first love, time seems to be running out for the group to find the answers they’re searching for. 

Where will they go? What is their purpose? And with the killer closing in, who will survive the night? 

KILLERS is a look into the mind and life of a young serial killer with a conscience, and just the first in a working trilogy.

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