Keys to Keeping Eternity in Mind, the Most Important Decision in Life

Keys to Keeping Eternity in Mind, looks like a great Christian guide. Any plans for additionally themed books?
Yes, there are more interesting titles coming up soon. Readers to watch out for them.

What do you think makes a great educational book?
If the book provides inspiration, makes one thinks, influences one’s idea positively, provides useful and practical information, provides proven facts, provides clarity to boggling questions in people’s mind, solutions to people’s needs, and resonates with people and their way of life or Choice making in life. This is what this book – Keys to keeping Eternity in Mind provides.

What inspired you when writing Keys to Keeping Eternity in Mind?
To provides clear understanding of what Heaven entails, why everyone should aim to make Heaven their eternal home, why it’s a person’s choice that sends them to Hell and not God and how individuals can live righteously to inherit a place in Heaven.
Many people are not aware that once a person dies their eternity placement is already determined based on the choices they made on earth. But on Judgement Day, they will still be judged and rewarded for the deeds they did on earth whether it was good or bad. Dr. Ayodele provides full insight into this as well as answers to mind boggling questions like: Why is eternity important? Will there be salvation after death? How will those who have not heard the gospel be saved? and more. He also dispels popular misconceptions about gaining access to heaven based on good deeds and paying tithes with explanations backed by scriptural references. And even though good deeds will not save anyone, the book clearly explains why works on earth still matter.

Keys to Keeping Eternity in Mind is Dr. Ayodele’s second book. Questioned about the motivation for his latest work, he explained: “I want to get this message across to all humanity about the time that we are living in, to remind all that we have a finite existence on the Earth, to remind all that it is only while we are still alive that we can make decisions/choices of where we want to spend the rest of our time after we die.”
He added, “I also want to remind people that after death, one cannot change one's mind, after death decisions making, reasoning, changes of choices or location are alien in eternity. Once the person is dead, immediately through the choices that individual made on earth will determine where they will reside - Paradise (The location of the righteous death - Heaven) or Hades (Temporal location of the unrighteous dead which will eventually lead to the final location - Hell).”
Already readers are finding answers to their questions in the book about this hot topic. One reader said: “Enlightening and empowering book! Made it simple and easy to understand eternity! Highly recommend this book for your personal spiritual growth and for teachers and Pastors.”

What are your ambitions for your writing career? Full time? Part time?
My aim is to impart people with right knowledge and sharing thought-provoking but fascinating concept for others to learn & apply, feel better, improve and become wiser in their endeavors – career, marriage, relationship, work, Education and much more.

When did you decide to become a writer?
I have always been passionate about writing since when I was a child. I enjoy imparting knowledge through writing and speaking to help others and I always love to get the truth/fact to people across the world.

When writing Keys to Keeping Eternity in Mind did anything stand out as particularly challenging?
Yes, the subject about eternity, eternal life (in Heaven) and eternal death (In Hell), rapture, Judgements (Final Judgement and Judgement seat of Christ) etc seems to be sensitive topics. And could be misunderstood or misinterpreted if care is not taken. So, proven scriptural revelations in the word of God, with the help of the Holy Spirit and from Jesus’ own explanations and experience of Heaven because He came from Heaven as explained by Jesus Himself are expatiated in detail in line with His word to provide accurate answers

What do you like to do when not writing?

I love to read books, mediate on the word of God & pray, learn new things, help the needy, Love soul winning, and I love to keep fit (both physical exercise and spiritual exercise)

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

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