The Bird Queen's Book

Hugeorange Publication Review

This fun read involves a mysterious book written in code, the teenage angst of a 13-year-old at school and home, loss, friendship and so much more. The Bird Queen’s Book is a thoughtfully written journey down the twists and turns of growing up and through the social maze of middle school with all the ups and downs life can throw at kids.

Denny is trying to maneuver through the mine fields of school and life when he finds a puzzling book with a bird on the cover. The journey he takes through the book’s story and the tale of his own life unfolding is a wonderful read for both adults and young adults.

Real life tragedy and fantasy mix in a relatable way bringing together an intriguing and enjoyable fantasy book.  The author does a great job connecting the reader to Denny and his world. 

Recommended for everyone interested in a new story of creativity that’s hard to put down!

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