Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor     

I know you think all counselors are perfect right? Well truth be told counselors keep secrets. These secrets will have you questioning why these people are even counseling. This book introduces readers to the world of counselors. It goes into the world of one counselor, who has never had life easy. You will learn about her deep dark struggles. The kind of struggles no one will ever reveal.

"Secrets of a Crazy Mental Health Counselor" is a guide, self-help, motivational and pure inspirational book. This book tells a story about life issues and how to overcome all traps that have been set up to make you fail. Written for mental health counselors, workers, women, teenagers, entrepreneurs, and anybody struggling with life each day. This book gives readers:

Inspiration and insight on accepting issues then balancing them.
Behavior techniques that help you change your mindset as a working professional.
Life plans that are actionable steps to becoming successful in your career.
Facing all adversity, while still being motivated and a motivation for others.

Patrice Brown, a Mental Health director and counselor of Restoring Bodies and Minds has been the owner for five years. She credits her extensive fourteen year mental health background to helping her write this book. Patrice shares a tell all book about the life struggles she faced. Patrice describes the years fighting opposition without ever giving up or having regrets.