The Ghost Years (Author Interview)

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Most of us have had some exposure to addiction, depression or an earth-shattering event, whether personally or from someone we know. Few are able to articulate it in the poetic and beautiful way that this author does. In The Ghost Years, author Mutch Katsonga recounts his journey through homelessness and addiction as well as mental health struggles in a book that you cannot put down. The Ghost Years is more than his story, it is a lovingly crafted tale of cause and effect, damnation and redemption, and philosophical essays.

The author on addiction:
“I sank deeper and deeper into the darkness of addiction. This darkness is not a tangible object in front of you, it has no outlines. It has no foreground or background. It has no surface but it wraps and infiltrates all your senses. It stifles your emotional growth, pixelates your memories and obliterates your personal identity.”

This gem is highly recommended for anyone involved in loss and grief and the hell of addiction. The journey of a downward spiral into hell has been woven into poetry by Mr. Katsonga with many thoughts lingering long after
 you’ve finished the book.

The author on homelessness:
“You are essentially a creation of “civilized” society and you are attached to its feet in the way that the shadow is attached to the feet of every human being. You are no longer human. You are a vagabond beast.”

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