The Smokiest Grave: A Paranormal Romance (The Unnaturals Series Book 1)     

Cat has one choice, stop a blood curse or watch the world die

In a time when mystical beings are hunted, Cathleen Spurlock is forced to keep her magical abilities hidden from the rest of the world. By doing so, she is viewed as a highly skilled human and able to become a top-ranked investigator respected by all.

After years of struggling with her horrific past, she can finally see the perfect life she has always wanted in her near future. That is until the gods need her to embark on a dangerous journey that could reveal her darkest secret or worse get her killed. Now, she has to choose to stay in her comfortable bubble of lies or take the mission and risk everything.

When she meets Hendrick, a powerful, mysterious Dragonvire—half vampire and half dragon warrior of the gods—who saves her from a malicious demon, her decision is made. Now, she is duty-bound to help him solve a kidnapping and save magic.

Together, they hope to save the fallen warrior and stop a monstrous premonition from happening that could destroy all their lives. They just have to survive the demons, unnaturals, hunters, and the grave.

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