A Missionary's Journey Through Smooth and Rough Terrain

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A Missionary’s Journey Through Smooth and Rough Terrain was written by a missionary who served in India and Bangladesh. He and his family have lived overseas for four terms, spanning fourteen years. He kept journals throughout these years and has now written a book that begins with his first mission to India; preparing for the big step of moving there and ends with his decision to transfer to another country to begin another ministry anew.

He covers how he and his family adjusted to such a different home and thrived. The author covers the need for a clear vision for the work and daily living overseas. Advice on how to set up a ministry is made, learned through trial and error.  Lessons learned are a huge part of the book, and they are told very candidly. His journals must have been numerous and thick as his information covers just about any question you could have about this life.

The book is an honest view of the author’s life overseas in a missionary life. It is full of information for those seeking to do the same. It is also an interesting read for those who want to know more about living that kind of life and/or just living in a foreign country with all its pitfalls and wonders. 

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