Ghost Stories: Compilation of Real Horrifying- Demon Encounters     

Real-Life Cases of Gut-Wrenching Demon Encounters That’ll Shock the Daylights out of You!

With the rampant growth and exploding popularity of the occult and satanism in our societies, the spirit world has received more attention than ever before. As scary and creepy as this idea may be, there is also the belief that demonic apparitions will, on occasion, push through to our world and invade not only our homes but also our bodies.
Best-Selling author Hannah J. Tidy will introduce horrific stories and experiences of demonic encounters had by normal people who’ve dared to play with games such as the Ouija Board.
A British family went through a string of horrific tribulations that seemed to continuously escalate from bad to worse.
The story began to unfold on Christmas Eve 2014, with a man, who attempted to establish contact with the dead through the board game. After the ritual, he believed that evil spirits managed to get through from the other side and take possession of his home. This caused an outburst of paranoia in the man, who then proceeded to commit a despicable act of cruelty against his pet. Prior to this event, the man had never suffered from any mental illness.
He drowned the dog in a bathtub, dismembered its body, and attempted to hide the evidence by shoving the remains into a nearby drain. The neighbors noticed something wrong was going on and approach the house to investigate… You won’t believe what happens next!
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