An Empath in a Polyamorous Relationship (Author Interview)

An Empath in a Polyamorous Relationship looks like a great story.  Is it all based on your life or are some parts fictitious? 
As much as I'd like to tell, you. I'll be keeping it to myself for the safety and privacy of the persons involved. However, the message of this book should be the real thing here.

What do you think makes a great relationship book?
Any relationship book should be able to speak from the heart. It should thrill our emotions and spook our human part. We should be able to relate with it in the deepest of our emotions. I have encountered books that made me cry, laugh, and think deeper. I think all that matters are one's readiness to be sucked into the new reality.

What inspired you when writing An Empath in a Polyamorous Relationship?
Well, like the message said, it's to make the next person know what they are stepping into. Remember, this is not just any polyamorous relationship. This is one that is of a narcissistic relationship. An empath can survive any relationship but this one seems intriguing to me because it's spoken of something that is eating into the core of some relationships.
A lot of us find ourselves in relationships with people that are after all what we can give to them and not what they can give. They feel jealous if we show care to others and not them. Our relationships with people are becoming more of the selfish thing. I'm sure many of us would have seen that side of us in the story.
But we all are in the victim's mentality. Although this time, we could see how Rebecca had to go through pain for those that wouldn't do anything for them.  I want empath out there to know who they are. And people, in general, should be aware of relationships that they are having with narcissistic.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?  Full time?  Part time?
Well, life is spinning. Anything can happen. But for now, I'm opened to another grand ideas and would allow the universe to take its course.
There are numerous things that comes to us as idea. So, I can't conclude if I want to write fulltime or part time. But I can say this, I will be ready when the times comes.

When did you decide to become a writer?
Well, I cannot point to a time. But I felt the need to pull out this message that before I knew it, my creative juice started working. Who am I to fight creativity, when I can be an influencer?

When writing An Empath in a Polyamorous Relationship did anything stand out as particularly challenging?
Everything was challenging. But I find it hard writing erotic scenes of the three of them together. I had to keep myself from going too deep into any single person. They must share the love equally.
How can readers discover more about you and your work?

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