In Her Mother's Shoes (Author Interview)

In Her Mother’s Shoes looks like a great erotica book.  Will this be part of a series? 

Thank you so much for the compliment. LoL, I really do not know. I didn’t initially think that it will continue into a series but there are many characters that have their own life story. So, possibly?!

What inspired you when writing In Her Mother’s Shoes?    
My inspiration for writing “In Her Mother’s Shoes” came from the relationships that I saw, read, and watched over the years. It is about a young lady who is empowered by the vocal voice and guidance of her mother; who play an important role in her life. Fathers are always looked as the focal point in their daughter’s lives but the mother play a vital role, as well. I wanted to create a book that portrays the obstacles that day to day women have to go through, while still reaching and achieving their goals.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I never really thought about being a writer. I just stumbled across it. I wanted to create books that I wouldn’t want to put down, that reflected my thoughts, my imagination, and the growth that I have found over the years. Writing is an expression; it became my avenue when I needed an escape from the world. Even if it was just for an hour. I found out immediately that I enjoy doing it.

When writing In Her Mother’s Shoes did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   

Yes, everything. I didn’t want to incorporate my life story into this book and be selfish but I, also, wanted others to know exactly how hard it is to encourage, teach, and handle the things such as, mental health, while providing and leading a household. In my honest opinion it can get overwhelming and expectations from others can deter how we should really feel about ourselves. I, also, wanted to incorporate different lifestyles such as, the Mafia, and beautiful languages such as, Italian into this story. Writing in another language is definitely thought- provoking and difficult.

How did you come up with the story in In Her Mother’s Shoes?  

Great question, lol. I always to write about a relationship that can be so challenging but have the most genuine love. The love from a Mother is the most authentic love you can encounter. Mother’s play a variety of roles such as, guidance counselor, advisor, friend, caregiver, and etc…But they have countless of qualities such as, dependable, loyal, honest, goal oriented, hard worker, and the list goes on. I wanted to capture that those qualities, motives, and actions into two women allowing the audience to view both sides and walk in their shoes. I wanted people to envision and appreciate life around them. 

What do you like to do when not writing? 

When I am not writing I work on the many projects that keep me busy. For example, I own two companies. One is a work from home customer service company called, Reis Lendarios, LLC. While the other is an ecommerce online store called Next Step Cosmetic. A creation of my own facial and cosmetic products. Along with adult toys.

My time is well spent managing social media accounts and writing book reviews, as well.

I, also, enjoy spending time with my husband and children. Hence, the reason for writing because it allows me the freedom to be there for important moments.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?  

If you would like to learn more about me you can reach out through my website called, As well as, my social media sites:

Instagram: @londonlove.stories
Twitter: @fieramour

Facebook: @fieralondon. stories