Noory Tree (Author Interview)

Noory Tree looks like a great children’s book.  Any plans to make this a series?
Thank you! I believe Noory Tree book has a beautiful message about why friendship is an important aspect of one’s life and that being a good friend is an important value. Noory Tree: We Are Friends, is the first book in Noory Tree series. Now, I am working on my second book, Noory Tree: We Are Thankful, which is planned to be published in November, 2019.

What’s the age group for the book?    
The book is recommended for group age 5 to 9.

What inspired you when writing Noory Tree?    
My biggest inspiration was my husband Iskar, who is also a writer. I have always admired his work and creativity. My daughter, who is an excellent reader, inspired me to make some more books for her to read. Also, I’ve got an inspiration from all students from an elementary school where I work as a librarian. Besides teaching students to be passionate about books and reading, I wanted to teach them to follow their dreams and to give their best to realize them.

When did you decide to become a writer?
Since I was a child I liked to draw cute characters and make up different   stories. I was a dreamer who loved to use imagination a lot. For last ten years I was dreaming to make my one children’s picture book. This year, finally my dream become true.

When writing Noory Tree did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   
While writing Noory Tree, I had a clear idea what I wanted to write, therefore I didn’t have anything challenging in particular. But, I have to say that most challenging part of making the book were illustrations. All illustrations are based from my original sketches that Winda Mulysari, my wonderful and talented illustrator, improved and took to the nest level. Making the illustrations was long process and it took almost two years for Winda and myself to improve them.

How did you come up with the story in Noory Tree?   
I feel very connected with nature. Noory Tree is not only a part of beautiful nature, but he is also magical and wise. Also,he has so many important lessons to teach children, like why it is important to be a good friend, or why should we be thankful, or why love is so important for all of us.

What do you like to do when not writing? 
I love spending time in the nature with my daughter Kim and my husband Iskar.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?  
Readers can find my book at and Amazon.
Also, they can check my website, where they can find more information about Noory Tree and me.