When The Good Go Blind: Heartbreak Poetry (Author Interview)


When the Good Go Blind looks like a great collection of poetry.  Any plans to release more poetry books?  

Thank you very much.
 “When The Good Go Blind” is actually my fourth poetry book. It’s also my favorite. So the short answer is, yes. I will more than likely produce poetry every year I’m alive.
You can find more of my publications via Amazon, lulu, and BarnesandNoble

What will readers get out of your book?   
Truth. Readers will see the importance of transparency. I believe this culture is missing the truth in redemption. We are scared to admit our portion as the villain in our own life story. I also believe God has been viewed in such a “humdrum”. I wanna show readers the ugly parts of a human in relationship with others and with the creator.

When the Good Go Blind has an interesting concept. What inspired you when writing it?   

Pain. I went through a very difficult heartbreak... and because my heart never stopped breaking I decided to channel that into my creative side. It’s working! People are both shocked and inspired by my transparency

When did you decide to become a writer?

Oddly enough, I became a writer at 13. I wrote a short story in school that was so believable it almost got me in deep trouble. That’s when I knew this was my calling. That being confirmed in the ninth grade I won a poetry slam in NYC, and then went on to publish 9 titles as an adult. I guess I like it a little bit.

When writing When the Good Go Blind did anything stand out as particularly challenging?  

Great question. I have an affection for the political world to the point I plan to run for office one day. So the challenge is always how much does one reveal? My internal answer was air it all. Leaders are made from flaws and truth; not plastic and promotion. Someone needed my reality. So that in itself was a challenge.

How did you come up with the poems in When the Good Go Blind?

Every poem was either influenced by my personal issues and experiences or the culture around me. I even address the “jade” of being an American woman; addressing the famous Trump line : “Grab her by the *^%”
The titles are missing and replaced by numbers there is a very eclectic format. This book was inspired by life.

What do you like to do when not writing?

When I’m not writing, I am constantly looking for ways to advocate for the poor, mentally ill, and drug addicted among us. I love troubled youth. I love encouraging women and serving the community. I am the proud mother of one son, Ca’ren by which I love freestyle rapping in the car with.