The Spookoholic (Author Interview)

The Spookoholic looks like a great scary thriller.  Any plans to turn it into a series?  
Thank you. Yes, it’s surely a thrill ride of suspense with lots of ghosts and wacky, entertaining episodes at every turn. The feedback has been exceptional so far. And yes again, The Spookoholic is a series. Let me see if I could get you a feel of the Spookoholic here…
Surya, also known as the Spookoholic, is an Indian film director with a truckload of crazy traits to his character. He is fun loving, witty and has a habit of pulling off pranks on people around even in the midst of the deadliest of situations. What’s really special about him is, that apart from being a good hearted spiritual being, Surya is gifted with strange powers. For starters, he terrifies ghosts.
The Spookoholic has visited the mysterious ancient Indian city of Kanchi in 2017, in his first book. And he is back after 2 years, now in Mexico City. The Spookoholic: Demonic Whispers is the second installment in the series of The Spookoholic.
What will readers get out of your book?
An exalted inner feeling of Light, Love and positivity by the time the reader reaches the end. And a high dose of suspense, adrenaline rush, twists and scary ghosts that face their rudest nightmare called the Spookoholic. The book promises thorough entertainment in a super quick page-turner that would not leave you drained but instead bestow upon the reader, certain deep feelings of trust and tranquility, oddly, in a book filled with a battle of wits with horrific evil and myriad kinds of ghosts.

What inspired you when writing The Spookoholic?   
I am a meditator. Had been on the path since my childhood and I practice Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga and as such.
I am also a kind of a misfit. I never think straight. My thinking has always been found to be wacky or weird.
And I had been into radio and visual media for long, churning out lots of creative humor all the time.
With this combination as a backdrop, one day I had a sudden flash of inspiration. We are all terrified of the ghosts. What if there is someone who terrifies them?
With that thought, and with some knowledge in spiritual practices and ancient most history, I came up with a nail biting thread of thought for The Spookoholic: Kanchi that was eventually released in 2017.
As for this one, the sequel, I honestly believe that I had been inspired by higher spiritual beings of the universe. There is a process called Mother Earth’s Ascension that’s now happening on this planet; a major, major change for humanity. And I guess, the idea and the unrelenting flow to write this book have come from higher Light sources that are fighting the dark entities. I am not kidding; I strongly feel the ongoing process.
And more so, I finished writing the novel in just 20 days, my own personal record. It wouldn’t have happened without the influence of the compassionate Gurus for a purpose, of course.

When did you decide to become a writer?
I wrote a screenplay a few years back, intending to sell it to Indian film producers. Marketing is not exactly my area of expertise and so the script began gathering dust. Inspired by my close friend one day, out of the blues, I felt I could write a novel out of that screenplay. I had only written short stories and published them in magazines at that time. Writing a novel was just unthinkable, but somehow, I was ready with it in less than a year, by December 2017. Once I published The Spookoholic: Kanchi, I understood that now no one could stop me, not even me J
Since 2.5 years, that’s June 2017 till end of 2019, I published 9 books and 6 of them are novels.  2 more novels are yet to be published and I am betting my life upon bringing one more to my readers, before the end of this year, 2019.

When writing The Spookoholic did anything stand out as particularly challenging?  
Any day, writing a sequel is very challenging. Challenging because at every turn, you tend to compare it with the original.
And with The Spookoholic, the original is a classic as far as my work is concerned. It took me 2 years to break the block and figure out a screenplay for the sequel… 2 years of constant inner struggle and thousands of wasted thoughts and efforts on the computer.
Honestly, the very fact that I did come up with a concept, finished giving the plot a shape and ended up writing the novel with 90% satisfaction was nothing short of a miracle for me.
Actually, I had taken a vow for forty days last month, in November. I practiced certain austerities, performed rituals and stuff that were accompanied by a total inner cleansing with controlled diet. And this might surely have been the reason for me to become a channel for the work to flow through me. Gratitude.

What do you like to do when not writing?
I am into a lot of things. Actually, just too many things. My personality does not let me endure the routine or sticking to just one thing, I guess J
I act in YouTube fiction videos,
I host a LIVE show for Nuke Radio every evening,
I am slightly busy as a voiceover artist too, working in my personal studio,
I compose and sing for my Neo Kirtan albums,
I do Tarot readings for clients and
on occasion I do public training workshops.
My daily routine includes spiritual practices and meditation in the morning and evening.
And I catch up with almost every movie that’s released in town on weekends, with my family.
I watch very less television, just about 15 minutes a day, while I eat. No news channels for me, I watch English movies on HBO and others.
What I had not been doing for years now, is giving stage performances.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
My website has some interesting stuff. Be it free eBooks, sneak peaks into my work, updates of my upcoming novels, intriguing information about occult, and psychological aspects in my blog as also occasional contests… It’s all there on the site.

Also, please check out The Spookoholic: Demonic Whispers here: