Phish Protection (Author Interview)

Phish Protection looks like a helpful book. What will readers come away with after reading it?

This short guide talks about the dangers of hackers getting into your computer systems or hijacking your accounts and digital life through what is called “phishing”. This can be done through malicious email attacks.
Once they are in your system they are able to hold your data as ransom and only give you access if you pay them a ransom. This is called “ransomware” and there are other things they hackers can also do through phishing such as hijacking your access to private websites, social profiles, your bank accounts etc.

What is your background and how did you come up with the steps and ideas in Phish Protection ebook?
This book educates users on things they can follow and implement to avoid phishing attacks.
After reading this book readers will know what basic things to follow to avoid such attacks. The ebook talks about “best practices” readers can simply follow.

When writing Phish Protection did anything stand out as particularly challenging?
We always wanted to educate newbies who are unaware of the dangers in the digital space and how hackers use deceptive means to break into their systems and accounts.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
Please download the ebook titled -
Phishing Protection Best Practices - Ebook Guide for Businesses by PhishProtection

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