Life Is My Teacher (Author Interview)

Life is My Teacher looks like a memoir and journey.  Can you tell us a little about the book?

Yes, Life is My Teacher is a book series based on my personal authentic experiences combined and expressing through my own version of writing and storytelling.

What inspired you when writing Life is My Teacher?

I thought about one day either if I am alive or not, my future children, grandchildren or readers that I have not yet met, can feel a part of my story and pass along my spirit through this writing.

What inspired you to publish Life is My Teacher?   

We have to go back to the time when people have no telephone or internet or high-speed travel where they can visit people instantly as finger clicks— the main way of connecting is through writing a letter. People would write a long letter to discuss how theyre feeling and whats going on with them. Theyre writing that and read it. You get a look into the inside world of the other people and it helped to develop a strong powerful intimate connection with people you are corresponding with. How obviously not a chance with social media or email. You just not simply communicating information or business or banality of your life but you actually expressing to them some of the things you are feeling to what you are going through, you desire, etc. Which is more intimate confession and intimate level of communication— This way you can learn about the other people or the readers that are writing back to you. Im expanding my circle of people. I published this book to invite other people to see my world, getting them out on papers or off a screen. It is a great way to get connected to people you normally have a superficial connection to and let them see what are many other people going through in different parts of the world.

What will readers get out of your journey?
Following the previous question. I personally think that there are already many of the greatest books that you can find in every category that you interested to immerse yourself into. However, whats missing on the bookshelf is an individual story, an authentic personal experience story. I chose to write a memoir for a reason—you will realize that, this book is the other way I connect to other people. This book is actually crafted from my journal and a long letter from me to those whose I desired to connect on a deeper level. What the readers will get out of this is a story that you wont find or heard from anywhere else and likewise, I hope after they read my book, the readers would feel the courage to write their story too and share it with the world if they want to.

When writing Life is My Teacher did anything stand out as particularly challenging?  

I went through a different range of emotions but nothing is as particularly challenging that I cannot overcome or to the point that it stops me. I’d say though, after I wrapped up the book I thought about not publishing it. Pressing a publish button probably the most challenging part (coming from a private person.)

What do you like to do when not writing?

Researching, observing or experimenting. Many things. I am a lover of learning. I cant pinpoint just one thing or two or three… Sometimes I spent my time in secluded home reading and studying, or sometimes Im in a big busy city exploring. You will find me in many random places and situations. I like to gain a broad experience and somehow turn that into an art project in my own way. Currently, I wanted to get into aviation.

Where can readers find out more about your work?

You can go to my website at