Breaking Your Barriers (Author Interview)

Breaking Your Barriers looks like a helpful and motivational book. What type of reader did you write the book for? Breaking Your Barriers is for all readers. Everyone has Barriers and Unhealthy Life Cycles that keep them from moving forward. It is a reality that most people do not know they have them and that they deserve to live a better life. Though change is not instantaneous, Breaking Your Barriers highlights some of the least talked about barriers and perpetuated cycles that hamper the growth of many. This book is your guide in identifying your Barrier and Unhealthy Life Cycles and how to break them.

That’s an amazing cover. Can you tell us a little about it? The cover tells the story of a young woman who has been in mental, emotional and physical incarceration all her life. She had been nonexistence but not living. It was after she began to break the barrier and loose herself from the Unhealthy life Cycles that held her back that she began to unravel her true self. This young woman is you, the reader. This is a story of a young woman who wants to equip and empower others too. Let the truth set you free from that which holds you back.

What inspired you when writing Breaking Your Barriers?   
My life is a testament of the power in breaking barriers. Ever since I started the journey to living a better life and finding my true self I have seen an immense amount of change. My true inspiration actually comes from believing that it would propel others into fruitfulness and fulfillment and seeing it happen. I believe most of all the Change internally precedes change externally, and for anyone to live their best life they MUST address the inconsistencies of the inner man.

What will readers get out of your book?
BREAKING YOUR BARRIERS was written to inspire and equip men and women with the knowledge they will need to live a more fruitful and fulfilling life. It is a powerful call to action towards the life you were meant to love. You will be equipped with the know-how for you to break the barriers that block your progress, change unhealthy life Cycles that keep you in circles and Unravel the true you. You CAN and You WILL break free from your fear, your insecurity, regret, grief and self defeat!

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Breaking Your Barriers?
There was one particular subject matter that I found very challenging to write about and that is grief. A major part of me being the woman I am today is the love I got from the woman who gave birth to me. I lost my mom when I was 15 and life has been a task since then. Nevertheless, I have learned to remember what makes me happy to know she was my mother and I can relate to those who share a similar loss. I, like Shirley Caesar, remember my mama in a happy way…

What do you like to do when not writing?
Whenever I’m not writing I spend time planning for speaking engagements. I currently host a talk show on Facebook. It’s a LIVE stream that features new authors who are welcomed to tell the story behind the books they write, and it is a platform dedicated to the authors who are new and have not yet been recognized internationally. I believe in the power of giving and I am dedicated to doing whatever I can to empower my fellow authors.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
If you would like to get more information about my book, BREAKING YOUR BARRIERS, you may contact me via email at: , on my social media platforms: Facebook Shanique MJ Davis and Instagram @thisshanique . My book is currently being sold on Amazon. The kindle edition is $7.99 and the paperback is $15.99.


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