Predestination: The Future is History

 Michael Crichton introduced us to the world of biotechnology and medical fiction. S. W. Cotton now invites us to join him on a forensic investigation into the nature of time. A tale of intrigue and scientific speculation ushers us into a mindscape of competing theories to explain the inexplicable.

Dr. Syed Azad, Egyptologist, is presented with an ancient Egyptian tablet bearing a modern equation from quantum mechanics. He enlists the aid of his American colleague, Stanford physicists Jake Banner, to assist in the investigation. Dr. Linda Cooper, a molecular biologist, joins in the hunt, and together they embark on an incredible journey that challenges their worldview, forcing them to imagine alternative realities.
As the trio of scientists uncover future developments in genetics, cosmology, and physics they come to a startling realization: Past, present, and future may be inextricably interwoven in a matrix that defies conventional explanation. Have they stumbled upon an artifact from another reality, transported across interdimensional spacetime and captured in our present? One intriguing possibility after another confronts the scientists as they grapple with the startling implications of their find.
Their investigation takes them into the underbelly of Egypt as they search for clues to untangle a deepening mystery. They encounter a nefarious character purporting to have additional artifacts that may shed light on their discovery. Should they take the risk or forego the opportunity to gain further knowledge? Deciding to pursue their investigation and face the consequences, they forge ahead; determined not to rest until they have found the ultimate answers, and discover the true nature of reality.

Reviewed By Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite
Review Rating: 5 Stars

Predestination: The Future is History by S. W. Cotton is a science fiction novel that questions our general perception of time. When Dr. Syed Azad, an Egyptologist, is presented with ancient Egyptian tablets that bear a modern equation of quantum mechanics, he calls Stanford physicist Jake Banner to help investigate the mysterious find. He in turn invites molecular biologist Linda Cooper, and the trio meets in Cairo. This team of scientists eventually finds out that the tablets indicate that our past, present, and future are interwoven in a matrix in such a way that it defies conventional explanation. A mysterious character claims to have more archaeological finds that could help them untangle the mystery and they have to decide whether to continue their investigation and make it public and, in so doing, challenge scientific norms.

S.W. Cotton's Predestination: The Future is History is a science fiction novel that is both intriguing and informative. Using a language that ordinary mortals can understand, the author effectively connects with his target audience. The concept of time is intimidating to many readers but it is to S. W. Cotton's credit that his novel does not confuse or alienate the general reader. The characters are also very likable, and not intimidating, which is how scientists normally relate to average human beings. And as he takes us into the underbelly of Egypt and we become entangled in the mystery of this discovery, Predestination: The Future is History becomes one of those books that you want to finish as soon as you can. And in the end, you won't be disappointed.

About the Author

S. W. Cotton has completed extensive work integrating the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. His explorations into the nature of time have led him to consider the possibility that our naive notion of linear history is suspect. Taking various approaches from philosophy, physics, and cosmology he is currently developing an alternative view of reality that incorporates different aspects of spacetime, multidimensional analysis, and temporal causality.