God-Minded (Author Interview)

God-Minded looks like the perfect book for our times. Can you tell us a little about it?
Absolutely. Most Christian women I meet struggle with fear, doubt, insecurity, feeling unloved, and insignificant, or some combination of those things. They believe as the Bible says, that God created us to live abundant and free lives as believers. YET, no matter how hard they try their lives dont reflect that truth.

I know what its like to be stuck living a defeated and hopeless life because I lived most of my life that way. I also know what its like to crawl out of the pit of despair with more freedom and joy than I ever thought possible. And thats why I wrote God-Minded! Women need to hear and believe this message that will bring peace, transformation, and purpose to their lives. 

A question I like to ask Christian women is this:
What do fear, doubt, insecurity, peace, joy, and hope all have in common? 

 They all start in your mind! 

Our thoughts are powerful, they can be a force for GOOD or a source of CHAOS in our lives. 

I wrote God-Minded to:
              Break down the strongholds of fear, hopelessness, and insecurity in your life.
              Transform your mind using a simple and practical process found in the Bible.
              Build a Biblical foundation of truth to combat the lies in your mind.
              Empower you to step boldly into a life of freedom and purpose.

By the end of God-Minded, you will be able to embrace the life God created you for.  A life of God-Minded purpose, freedom, and endless possibilities.


Any plans to turn it into a series or write similar books?
When I wrote God-Minded there were no plans beyond following the leading of God on my life and getting this book into the hands of women who needed the message as desperately as I did. I KNEW I COULDNT KEEP TO MYSELF the message that had brought so much freedom and peace in my life. Honestly, I never intended to be an author, so the thought of writing more books sounded like a terrible idea at first. BUT GODI just love that statement. But God… always has a bigger and better plan than my own.  

As I have shared the message of God-Minded with thousands of women, a buzz word keeps rising to the surface over and over again. CONTROL. Its a word that encompasses one of the biggest issues women have faced since the fall in the garden of Eden. WE DESIRE CONTROL. My second book (Title coming soon) will deal with the issue of control in a womans life. How do you give up control? Will giving up control make your life more out of control, or fix the problem all together? I plan on answering these questions and more, as we learn how to give up control to the only one who is worthy of having control…God.

What will readers get out of your book?
To be honest, it depends on the person. There are a couple of types of people I have found in this world.  

The first is a person who takes what they learn and puts it into practice. They are willing to work through the pain, and emotion that comes during this process because they know what lies on the other side. They WANT LASTING CHANGE, and that is exactly what they will get. This person will without a doubt find hope, freedom, transformation, peace, and purpose in their life that they never thought possible. Honestly, the possibilities are endless when a person truly walks out the principle of renewing their mind as taught in the Bible. God-Minded is a simple, proven system to get them there faster. 

The second type of person has all the best intentions of reading and implementing what they learn, but they never do. They may read the first couple chapters of the book, and if they do, they will learn things that can change their lives for the better. But this second group of people makes excuses as to why it wouldnt work for them, or why they dont have time to implement the practice of renewing their mind right now. The truth is, that this person will be stuck in the never-ending cycle of disappointment for the rest of their life until they come to the point of utter hopelessness and despair.

I know, because I was that SECOND person for most of my life. Although I knew that God had placed a call on my life to serve him by speaking hope into Christian womens lives, I was drowning in hopelessness and misery. My life was out of control. BUT IT'S NOT ANYMORE, thank the Lord! 

Dont be like me! Learn from my mistakes.  

All of the principles I teach in God-Minded come directly from the word of God, I have just made them easier to digest and understand. As believers in Jesus, we are told to RENEW OUR MINDS yet, I know very few believers who are making it a priority in their lives daily. Yes, we may sit down and read our Bibles with a cup of coffee, but does your renewal practice go beyond that? When is the last time you actively thought about and controlled the thoughts in your head? God-Minded will teach you exactly what that means, and how to do it.  

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing God-Minded?
I had to push myself to be vulnerable and become okay with sharing my deepest and darkest secrets. I wanted to convey the truth that I am not perfect! I have struggled more in my life than I would care to admit. That was probably the most difficult part of writing God-Minded. KNOWING that my sin would be laid bare for all the world to see, and once it was out there I couldnt hide it anymore. It a humbling process to say the least. It was also one of the most freeing things I have ever done.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Well, my name is Britney Renae Thompson and there are a few things you should know about me right upfront. First, I love Jesus with all my heart and desire to bring Him as much glory and honor as I can in my life. Secondly, I care deeply for the hearts of women and want to see as many women as possible living our their God-calling in this world. It's kind of what I am all about.

I grew up in central Utah, and before you ask, no I am not a Mormon. When I was 8 years old my family moved to Utah to be Christian missionaries to the Mormon people of central Utah. My family is still there to this day, running a Christian non-profit ministry. 

By the time I was 12 years old, my deepest desire was to affect change in the world by stepping onto a stage and speaking into the hearts of women. Growing up as a missionary and pastors kid, I saw first-hand the depths of despair women fell into, and it broke my heart. I knew that each person was created uniquely by a God who loves them unconditionally; and I wanted to help women find freedom and satisfaction for their deepest hearts’ desires and longings.

However, I couldnt share what was not my own experience. Growing up, I found fear and hurt where there should have been love and acceptance. Instead of stepping into the role I was created to play, I lived a life in fear of failure and rejection. I began hiding who I was meant to be and lived a shadow of the life I knew was possible. As a young 20 something, I began using food as a numbing agent for the ever-increasing doubt and disappointment that was creeping into my life. By my mid 20s, I was deep in the throes of an eating disorder and almost 3 years into an abusive relationship — and hating myself more each every day.

In the eyes of the people around me, I was confident, successful, and godly; but on the inside, I was drowning. In 2016 I realized that if I didnt do something about my eating disorder it would eventually kill me. By this time, I had tried many traditional methods; but it wasnt until 2017 that I found the answer I was looking for. I hired a coach who taught me that my coping mechanism (food) was just thata mechanism that I had put in place in my brain so that I didnt have to really deal” with my problems.

As I began to study the brain, its functionality, and the way it impacts our day-to-day lives, I realized that the Bible had all the answers I needed to be healed. Over and over (100+ times) the Bible talks about our brains/hearts as things that need to be cared for and controlled daily. It is a dangerous thing to allow our brains to run our day-to-day lives unchecked!

I was reading Philippians 4:4-9 when the thought finally hit me like a bomb that I was supposed to be aware of the thoughts in my head. Not only was I meant to be aware of them, but I was also supposed to ACTIVELY think about them—and change them. What?? I could change my thoughts?? This was a game-changer! I began the process of deliberately saying my thoughts out loud and adjusting my mindset to things that were true rather than believing things my brain told” me were true. My life changed for the betterrapidly. Within 3 weeks, I stopped binge eating. 

Its now been almost 3 years since I began practicing mind renewal every day. I no longer have an eating disorderin fact, I no longer think about food unless I am hungry. I now get to use the principles I learned to gain freedom in many other areas of my life.  

The best part is that now I get the opportunity to step into my dream of sharing hope with women who desperately need it!  I get to share with others how to have freedom from the thoughts that hold them as captives in their lives. I believe that Gods word gives us exactly what we need to have the life we desire; and more importantly, the life God created us to live.

Britney is a dynamic speaker and certified life coach with over 10 years of full-time Christian ministry experience. Using the principles she teaches, she overcame a 15-year eating disorder. She is passionate about helping women break free from destructive thought patterns and empowering them to step into their God-calling with purpose and passion.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
I have a website where you can find out more about me and sign-up to receive a super awesome freebie and get updates about my work!