The Order of the Clock (Author Interview)

The Order of the Clock looks like an exciting story.  Can you tell us a little about it?

The “Order of the Clock” Volume One The Creation of the Humanoids, by Gary Erakleous is a fantasy novel, set in the ancient world of magic and sorcery, in a setting of spiritual intrigue and political deception that captivates the mind. It is, truly, an allegory to the state of affairs we live in today and, possibly, in the future.
What if an evil force transforms the seven deadly sins into humanoids who instigate such wickedness in people that it ignites the destruction of civilized society?
Having created these creatures, the warlock Prince Morpheus and the sorceress Princess Danae unleash them on Copper Island and begin a war fought not against the fortresses but within the human soul. Their scheme is to initially capture the hearts and the minds of the masses, and then to conquer their cities, thus building a new world order consisting of an empire of slaves.
The only obstacle to the realization of their plan is the sage King Erasmious. Tapping onto his spiritual powers, he must stop Morpheus before he delivers the island to his master, the devil.
Readers can buy “The Order of the Clock” online as an e-book or a paperback at Amazon.

How many books do you have planned for the series?     
I plan to publish 3 volumes, a trilogy. Even though the second volume is ready to be published, I have decided to wait for a while, until the first one becomes more known.

What inspired you when writing The Order of the Clock?   
The theme is inspired by the contemporary notions of globalism versus nationalism. On the one hand, we have the ruthless and single-minded Morpheus, who aspires to build an empire and integrate the cities of Copper Island according to his ideas of an oligarchic political system of control and domination of the masses. He disguises his true objective of dominance in these words: “It is not a matter of conquering anyone, a city or its people. It is a matter of uniformity, a matter of consistency, if you will, of the thoughts, the minds, and the actions of the people. We’re fighting for a standardization of behavior, a sameness of attitude, which will bring tranquility and harmony throughout the island. We have a sacred responsibility towards our subjects to end the curse of war, to unite under one strong ruler, governed by the same laws with a universality of purpose. What is the benefit of being divided into so many cities, raising our own armies, and then destroying everything we built by waging wars against each other? We should end the borders of hate for the last time and set up one kingdom for all the people of this Island. This is what this struggle is all about; the ideals that bring peace and prosperity, even happiness.” But before he can carry out his plan, he knows he must eliminate his twin brother, the sage and democratic King Erasmious of Megara, who opposes Morpheus’ political and religious aspirations, which he considers tyrannical and demonic.   

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing The Order of the Clock?
My biggest challenge was giving as much detail as possible in a well-developed setting in the ancient world of the Mediterranean Sea, its culture and civilization, its religion, even its clothes, food, music and all the various aspects without boring the reader with too many details.

What do you like to do when not writing?

I like to travel to places where I can find restful locations at a beach or up in the mountains but also cultural and artistic pursuits.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
Readers can find out more about my work at the publishers of two of my novels, the political thriller, “A Kidnapping that started a Rebellion” The link is
And also, the corporate intrigue thriller “Chrysalis” through this link
Both books are sold online at Amazon, Barnes Nobles, iTunes store and others.


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