Dream Physics (Publication Review)

Dream Physics
By Damian Amamoo
HUGEOrange Publication Review

Dream Physics deep dives into lucid dreaming and the nature of our consciousness.  It’s not just a casual look into lucid dreaming but introduces new ideas and ways of approaching and thinking about the topic.  It’s a profound book that will open your mind and one of those rare books that will have a lasting life-changing impact.

The book isn’t just a look into dreams; it has an underlining goal and purpose to help improve the trajectory of people in general.

“Dream Physics” is needed right now because humanity is on an unsustainable trajectory. Yes, we have technological brilliance but we also have people who are killing each-other over religious differences.”

Despite the complexity of the topic, the author does a great job of explaining concepts in plain English.  It does need an editor, but overall, the writing flows and the message is clear. The reader will walk away with the ability to record their dream experiences and identify patterns that can help improve their lives.  Ultimately the book is unique, insightful and I recommend reading it.

One of the things that stood out while reading it was that the author didn’t beat around the bush.  Often these types of books love to expand in different directions but the author stuck to the main focus of the book with the end result of an impactful short to mid-size book that sticks to the good bits.

If you want a book that explains dreams and breaks them down based on scientific research, theories and expands on concepts, this is a must-read.  The field of understanding and exploring consciousness is expanding and this book adds to it.


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