Electric Pulse (Publication Review)

Phantom Knights Series: Electric Pulse
By KD Bond
HUGEOrange Publication Review

Phantom Knights is a well-written fantasy series with everything you want from romance to the paranormal.  It has a gritty urban element, and the characters are well developed. 
I found the premise unique, and I think the author does a good job of keeping the scenes smooth and the tension high.  The main character, Katrina Throne, is a Phantom Knight; her purpose is to protect people against otherworldly creatures.  Think Men in Black mixed with some Underworld.  The first book in the series is promising.  The focus is on world-building and character development and it does the job. 
The plot starts with Kat being bored with life, which is hard to wrap my head around, given her history and job.  But she isn’t human and the author does a great job making her behavior unique but still relatable.
In comes an unlikely and shy character, Lucas. The dynamics between Katrina and Lucas are fun to watch.  The contrast is enough for some interesting scenes.
She reached over slightly causing her hand to casually brush up against his, as she palmed her glass. "So, what do you do, Lucas?"

Seeming to notice the mild spark, he glanced down at their hands briefly before looking back up to proceed with his response. “I’m a data consultant for Fall Heights."

Ahhhhh, so she was right. Nerrrrrd alert! Kat smiled inwardly. Banking her humor, she replied with earnest. "Sounds interesting."

Overall, a strong first book in what will be a great fantasy series—highly recommended.