Dusk: Runemaster Saga (Publication Review)

Dusk: Runemaster Saga
By, Rey Clark
Publication Review, HUGEOrange
Editor’s Pick Award Winner 2020

Well written fantasy is a guilty pleasure and Dusk doesn’t disappoint.  From the start, you are thrown into the main character Mira and her adventures.  The author does a great job building tension between Mira and her want to be good and her bloodline of demons.  It sets up great story telling, and Rey Clark takes full advantage of the opportunities presented.
“Mira, there is no reason to fear me.  I may be a demon, but I am your father and we share demon blood.  You are not as pure as the Divine Order has told you.”
“I may not be pure, but I get to choose who I am, and I chose the light.  I will not follow you into the shadow.”

Dialog is smooth and natural.  I would have liked to see more variation in characters and how they speak.  
If you love demons, vampires and the supernatural, this is a great read.  You’re going to have a blast from this well-written first book in what will surely be an epic series.
As the first book in the series, there is a lot of world-building and introduction, but the action isn’t lacking, and the story unfolds with top-notch flow.  The chapters do a great job of hooking you to read the next.  It’s a page-turner and a good size for a series.
If this is your first read for Rey Clark, you are in luck.  There are several complete trilogies and series in the same style.  The only thing better than finding a great new series is finding that the author has a full body of work to explore.