The Albatross Contact (Publication Review)


The Albatross Contact
By, Connor Mackay
HUGEOrange Publication Review
Winner of the 2020 Editor’s’ Pick Award

Don’t you love finding a new book you can devour and rave about to your friends? This is science fiction at its best. Connor Mackay is an author who certainly has a way with words; his writing is poetic at times.
As the blood curdled in our veins, several of the squad sat or knelt in the mud, despair crippling their legs. Strength forged in countless battles crumbled with the ruins of the world around us. Something was so profoundly different here. This wasn’t Stormwater or Cerberus or Forge or Prima or any of the other places we’d shed blood. This was our world. This was home.
It’s packed with gritty dialog and scenes so vivid I felt like I was watching a movie.  Many action scenes are so well written, you cannot put down the book down until they’re done. Don’t read this on a bus or you will miss your stop. Will is a flawed main character (the best kind!) with a military background that loves alcohol a little too much.  What a fantastic first book in what will certainly be an epic series. You have the classic science fiction alien invasion of Earth, but with some original twists. The first encounter isn’t here to invade or do classic alien story tropes.  They’re here because they need humans to help fight their war.
The introduction of new technology, alien species and a war in space leads to some interesting scenes.  Connor Mackay is a talented writer that absolutely hits the nail on the head with this one.  Suspense, mystery and tension are consistent chapter to chapter.  The author knows how to spin a tale and does a fantastic job of character and world-building.
This is an expansive universe with characters you can really get behind as the reader.  I can hardly wait for the next installment.