Embracing God in the Right Perspective with the Right Foundation of Faith in Him (Author Interview)


Embracing God In The Right Perspective looks like a fantastic analytical exploration in theology.  What can you tell us about it?

Christ came from heaven to earth to reveal the truthful identity, original divine nature and ultimate predetermined destiny of Man. Christ is a son of God, so is Man. The spirit of Man is born of God. Christ was born out of the womb of virgin Mary. It was the works of the Spirit, not the works of the flesh. Circumcision meant crucifixion of the sinful nature of the flesh on the Cross under the perfect Law of God. Abraham was called the father of righteousness because he walked by faith, and not by sight of the flesh in the physical realm. Faith is a present form of future prophetic events. Isaac was born out of a dead womb. There was no distinction between Isaac and Ishmael. Both were sons of God in the spiritual realm. God did not separate them, only men did. Repentance comes when there is self-awareness and one realizes his or her own truthful identity as a child of God. The Word of God created the world and everything that is inside it including Man. The Word of God is embedded in the heart of every man as each man is given a measure of faith. When faith is activated in the Word of God, one is born again as a righteous child of God and he or she inherits His kingdom. That is the Mark of Righteousness.

Christ came to earth as son of Man. His physical mortal corrupted body was crucified on the Cross. And He was resurrected in His heavenly immortal glorious body as son of God. First came the flesh, then came the spirit. First came the Law through Moses, then came Christ. The Law put the flesh to death and Man is born again in resurrection as heavenly child of God. Didn’t the scriptures say, “The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first”. The Word of God shall heal and resurrect every man to be born again in resurrection. Isn’t this the same faith affirmed by the saints throughout the Gospel which sheds light on immortality and righteousness in His kingdom? Man has been baptized by faith through grace of God unto the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Didn’t the scriptures say, “By the stripes of the Lord, we have been healed”. Salvation is a graceful gift of God. All men shall be born to live again in Christ and through Christ. All glory, honor and praise be unto our Heavenly Father God. Amen!


How long did it take you to write Embracing God?

It took me approximately slightly more one year.


What inspired you when writing Embracing God?

I came into this world with empty hands. There is nothing I can bring along with me when I leave this world except the Word of God. Therefore, I desire to leave this glorious truth and grace of God, as manifested and revealed through His Word with you (the world).


What will readers get out of your book?

The truthful identity, the original divine nature and the ultimate predetermined destiny of Man. God did not create Man to be tempted by the devil to fall into sin and thereafter to be thrown into the eternal lake of fire (hell). The Word of God embedded in the heart of every man does not reside in hell. The Word of God resides in heaven. Didn’t the scriptures quote what Christ said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”? There is no distinction between Jews and Gentiles, likewise for descendants of Isaac and Ishmael. And didn’t the scriptures say, “Christ is all, and in all”?


When did you decide to become a writer?

I decided to become a writer in year 2020 after my beloved Mom had passed away the year before.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Embracing God?

I could not recall any in particular. I was just flowing along with the Spirit as the hand of the Lord guided me in writing and accomplishing this Book. Even the Book of Revelation in the scriptures which is supposedly challenging due to its metaphorical writings was handled with fair amount of enlightenment (I would say) through the grace of the Lord. 


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a fairly contented person. Always feeling grateful and blessed for all the things the Lord has given me – my job, family, friends, the resources, and the wisdom and revelation in His Word.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

I do not have a personal blog at this point in time. I am still a part time author. I am a professional Accountant by education and training. You can find my profile in Amazon KDP and Goodreads or even Linked-in.

My Book titled, “Embracing God In The Right Perspective With The Right Foundation of Faith In Him” is uploaded on several notable platforms namely Amazon KDP, Kobo, Google, Apple, Smash Words, Barnes & Noble, Payloadz, Payhip, Booktopia, E-Sentral and etc.