Theology for the New Millennium (Author Interview)

Theology for the New Millennium looks like a great book on God.  What can you tell us about it?

I use common sense and math to prove God is real but different from what is typically expected.  I then use absolute value to illustrate how everything in life can be a positive.  Negative is a perspective and a choice.


How long did it take you to write Theology for the New Millennium?

From the initial breakthrough to publishing, it has been a 25 year journey.  The actual writing and editing of the book itself was a little less than a year.


What inspired you when writing Theology for the New Millennium?

I was inspired to write Theology for the New Millennium because I sincerely hate repeating myself.  I do love to quote myself though, so I wrote something I could always reference.  Theology is such a tricky subject to discuss, writing a book also eliminates the interruptions and tangents that could occur in a debate or discourse. 


What will readers get out of your book?

Anyone who reads Theology for the New Millennium with an open mind will leave with an understanding of God that can be constantly questioned but never refuted.  The fact that the basis is something we all learned in math as children keeps my personal opinion or feelings from tainting the message.  It also takes the conversation away from faith and imagination.


What motivated you to become a writer?

I’m still not convinced I am a writer in the truest sense.  I’m a philosopher.  Any medium I can use to get my message to others is fair game.  I also write poetry and I have a rap EP out called, Musical Revelation – The EP.


How did you come up with the ideas in Theology for the New Millennium?

I imagined I had an audience that had no idea of what I was going to say. I thought of what I would say.  My girlfriend at the time was my muse.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Theology for the New Millennium?

The hardest thing about writing Theology for the New Millennium was making sure I didn’t write anything that couldn’t be backed by logic, math, or science.


Can you tell us a little about your background?

I’m originally from Washington, DC.  I moved to LA just before the pandemic.  In my youth, I was convicted for crimes I did commit.  While incarcerated, I had time to contemplate life and the many facets of it, including morality.  I embarked on a journey of discovery with the belief that the concept of God should make sense in order to deserve acceptance.  It made no sense to me to laud our intellect over the other animals if it were useless when it comes to God.  To my surprise, I remembered a math lesson that sounds like blasphemy on the surface but fills in every gap faith leaves without any contradiction.  I would love to say I’ve dedicated my life to sharing my philosophy since then, but telling people they’re wrong about something as sensitive as what you believe gets tiring and life is meant to be enjoyed.  Even now as it has become my full time job, I still take time for myself.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

My website is  I’m also on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as Hassan Bfly.