The Greene Book of Black Knowledge (Author Interview)

The Greene Book of Black Knowledge looks like a fantastic book on (Foundational) Black American history.  Can you tell us a little about it?


What I did with this project is compile some of the elemental understandings about Foundational Black American Culture that I have come across over the years in the attempt to give the many youthful minds (youthful being anyone who has an eagerness to learn-young adolescence and up) of the world a head start in their journey to discover knowledge. In addition to my own experiences I used an amalgamation of the Emerald tablets of Thoth and Victor Hugo Green’s "Green Book" to create a road map to site these examples. You will not be to find this information written in any standard history book and every school aged child, as well as their parents should have a copy.



That’s an amazing cover. Can you tell us a little about it?


This cover was hand painted by the renowned artist @nikkeycreative hailing from STL currently in MIA. What's interesting about this picture is that she painted it maybe a couple months before I saw it and without seeing me, but it looked exactly like me. I have not had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but she is from where I grew up, of all places.



What inspired you when writing The Greene Book of Black Knowledge?


History can be very one-sided from many perspectives, either Black or White. The dynamic between European and African stories specifically tend to shine light on half-truths to suite their needs solely. I can definitely see the reasoning through both sides’ eyes but, there comes a time when the pendulum has to swing in the other direction and the other half of those stories need to be told. Bottom line I think the well is running dry for certain narratives, and many people are thirsty for knowledge that's not common.

What will readers get out of your book?


Perspective can amass riches unheard of, create inventions never thought of and drive cultures and civilizations to the next stage of development or propel a single person towards enlightenment. Perspective (or lack thereof) can also keep a mind in poverty, send a people on a quest towards self-destruction or allow groups to be lead in fear of one another. To attempt to compare my idea to the "Allegory of the cave" that the Greek philosopher Plato presented; a shadow on the wall that depicts an image of a demon ready to devour the soul of any person gazes upon it. But if you walk past that wall with the shadow cast , what actually projected that image on the wall, you will find, is a basket fill with gold and fruit and cheese and wine and keys to a private jet hanging from a tree branch. Conquering the fear of viewing things differently immediately rewards your courage with riches beyond what you even knew to ask for.




Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing The Greene Book of Black Knowledge?



Trying to stop writing, this book is over 200 pages. there is so much that was not placed in this book as to not overwhelm, but this information is for grounding in a new perspective and to establish a sturdy foundation of more to come. Which is why much will have to be said in the next 3 books of the series of The Greene Book of Black Knowledge. More Knowledge, More art, More anime and connections to history and mythology. Moor, Mour, More.




What do you like to do when not writing?


Experimenting on myself.


I am always testing the limits of my mind and body, exercise fasting, sensory deprivation, limits of fear (I will definitely have to write a book about it) collegiate studies, I am a lifelong student in every way, which is why a compilation of thoughts in The Greene Book of Black Knowledge and The Black knowledge Series is the only thing that makes sense to me at the moment... hey, did I tell you that I used to travel the world in a black submarine with a red bottom, no cap, long story, I will tell you about it some time.

Where can readers find out more about your work?


I will be launching an Indiegogo fundraiser on the 1st of November 2021, I would like you all to support the crowdfunding campaign because purchase through that venue comes with a lot of perks which may include , but are not limited to: limited edition stamped and signed copies of the soft and hard cover books; audio version of the book and personal zoom meeting to discuss the topics with me. After you support on Indiegogo, I would suggest going to the website directly or buying directly from Amazon. You could receive your copy sooner and be able to wrap these gifts in time for the holidays to rap about. The word has spread faster than I realized it could or would so please place your order with the quickness, the first that come will be the first to get served, but I will definitely not forget my first wave or last wave of contributor, we are on this journey together now

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