Relentless: How a mother and daughter defied the odds (Author Interview)

Relentless looks like a great quide for motivation and mental toughness.  What can you tell us about it?

Absolutely. This is a story about never giving up even when you are facing the worst of situations and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It’s about holding a vision of the future you want in your mind and not letting anything, anyone or any obstacle stopping you from getting it. It’s about understanding that despite your best efforts  you could still lose but knowing that the alternative is worst. It’s about looking outside the box and not stopping just because one expert or many tell you “it’s impossible:


How long did it take you to write Relentless?

It took nearly two years and was really an emotional and often difficult book to write as it was so raw and intimate.


What inspired you when writing Relentless?

I was desperate to help others in similar dire situations to ours, not only those suffering strokes, aneurysms or brain injuries but all those who are told from the medical profession there is no hope, it’s also for those who want to harness the full power and potential of their mind and bodies. For those who want to push the limits of possible and find strength when they in their own circle may not having anyone rooting for them.


Can you tell us a little about your mother?

My Mum was the ultimate nurturer, the rock of our family, the one who always sacrificed everything not only for her own children for any one downtrodden and struggling. She was the champion of the underdog, the child that wasn’t doing well in school, the adult who couldn’t read or write. The adolescent on the wrong path.

She was never an athlete like me but she was the power behind her little athletes, the one who nutured and gave us courage to take on the biggest of challenges.


What will readers get out of your book?

They will come away empowered and inspired no matter what their situation. They will find in this book the power to dig a little deeper and go a little longer and harder in their own lives. They will also gain an insight into why prevention when it comes to health is so important. They will understand a little more the limitations of our current medical system and they will learn about the resources that will help them find the latest and greatest information from world leading experts. They will learn about many therapies and protocols to help people fighting through the effects of brain damage, concussions, strokes, aneurysms and much more and be surprised that there is so much they can do to be more in control from nutrition to supplements to therapies (this is however not medical advice and I am not a medical professional)


How did you come up with the story and ideas in Relentless?

It is the real life story of a journey back from the brink of death. At age 74 with massive brain damage my mum with our help and research and information from the most brilliant minds in the world in this space, clawed her way back to full health and independence against all odds.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Relentless?

I really struggled with the publishing process and found it very tough emotionally at times.


Can you tell us a little about your background?


For the past 25 years Lisa has competed in the world's toughest endurance events clocking up over 70,000km, racing everywhere from the Sahara, to the Gobi, to Death Valley to the Himalayas, Australia and Europe. She has pushed her mind and body to the limits, has both succeeded and failed and learnt many lessons along the way 
She has also had to overcome many obstacles in her personal life from losing two babies to bringing back her mum after an aneurysm left her with massive brain damage at the age of 74 and with Doctors telling her she would never do anything again she proved them all wrong. 
She knows what it takes to overcome obstacles, to chase massive goals and face your fears and now she lives to teach, coach and inspire people to reach their true potential and push the barriers of their own perceived mental and physical capabilities. 

Lisa is the author of three best selling books. Her first two "Running Hot" and "Running To Extremes" chronicle her adventures and her brand new book "Relentless - How A Mother And Daughter Defied The Odds" tells the one in a million comeback story of bringing her mother back from the brink of death in a four year odyssey that has baffled the medical fraternity.

Lisa has also produced a number of adventure film documentaries, hosted her own TV show, is an international speaker and a podcaster herself at "Pushing the Limits" 

Where can readers find out more about your work?

I am a motivational speaker, a health optimization coach, podcaster at “Pushing the Limits” a globally top 200 ranked show in health, fitness and medicine. Epigenetics and DNA consultant, author, supplement company founder.

You can find out more at and find the book