The Secrets of Spectacular Wedding Photography (Author Interview)

The Secrets of Spectacular Wedding Photography looks like the perfect guide for photographers.  What can you tell us about it?

This book was not written for photographers, it is aimed specifically at couples planning their weddings.  Although it was definitely written with the wedding photographer in mind with the idea to help educate couples about the wedding photography process, before during, and after the wedding.  Many of the tips in this book are the things every wedding photographer wished their couples knew, and a few things they might not want them to.


Whom did you write the book for, your target market?

This book is aimed specifically at couples who are or will be in the process of planning their weddings. This book is an inexpensive, thoughtful, yet perfect wedding shower gift for the future wedding guest or an amazing resource for the engaged couple. The information in these short tips will save couples money and hopefully help them to avoid aggravation and sorrow and help them to achieve the goal of an amazing wedding photography experience and beautiful wedding pictures, especially if their wedding photographs are a top priority.


Can you tell us about the photos in the book?

All the images in the book were taken by me over my 25 plus years as a wedding photographer, except for five stock images I used to accent the tip.  I wanted the book to mimic a coffee table book and the images reflect the tips on the opposite page.

What inspired you when writing The Secrets of Spectacular Wedding Photography?

Over my thirty years as a wedding photographer, I have heard hundreds of sad stories of couples who hated their wedding pictures, hated their photographers, or even worse ended up with no wedding pictures at all. I my opinion the wedding photographer is one of if not the most important vendor you will hire since you're wedding pictures are the only tangible thing you have left once your wedding day is over. It’s not just the wedding photographer who is responsible for a successful outcome, the wedding couple needs to own half of the responsibility however, they need to know-how and understand what it takes on their part first. Since they have never been through the process before, my book tells them earthing they need to know to have a successful outcome.

There are lots of photographers who write books for other photographers, there are various articles on how to choose a wedding photographer, but there were no resources or books directed at the couple, to help educate them through the entire wedding photography process from engagement to honeymoon and beyond. My goal was to bring both sides of the aisle together helping wedding couples understand how wedding photographers work and think plus, sharing the wisdom I have gained in my years of experience photographing weddings. All the details,  all the communications are vital to a successful wedding photography experience, before, during, and after the wedding day.

What will readers get out of your book?

I wanted this book to be an easy read, yet simple and to the point, so couples can quickly digest all the helpful tips. It’s broken down into four sections, The Planning Stage, The Wedding Day, After The Wedding, and  Industry Insights.

If wedding photography and photographs are a priority, then I am one hundred percent confident that this book is one of the best purchases a couple will make, in the wedding planning process.  The images in this book will bring a smile to your face and tips will save you time and money, giving you the knowledge to communicate with your wedding photographer, exactly what you want and need from them, along with the insight into how and why wedding photographers charge what they do and what their workflow and behind the scene process work.  You will get successful sample timelines to follow and make your own. You will get insight on what things can make you late on your wedding day which affects the quantity and quality of your wedding photographs and the preventive measure you can take prior to your wedding day to ensure that doesn’t happen to you.  A fun stress-free wedding photography experience is a win-win for everyone who will be a part of your big day and almost 100% guarantees great wedding photographs.


How did you come up with the ideas in The Secrets of Spectacular Wedding Photography?

There wasn’t a resource for couples planning their weddings to help them understand their part and responsibility on the outcome of a successful wedding photography experience. I wanted to do my part to minimize the tearful wedding photography and horror stories I had heard over the years.

This is especially in today’s world; owning a camera does not make you a photographer, especially a wedding photographer, just as owning a stethoscope doesn’t make you a doctor. My guess is when you do go to the doctor you want the best you can afford and someone with the experience needed to make you better. Wedding photography is no different, you may not need a photographer with the equivalent of a medical degree, however, if you care about the outcome of your wedding pictures you're going to want a photographer with the experience to achieve that result as well as someone you like.

I have taken all my thirty years of experience, the success, and my own failures to compile a resource that would be helpful to any couple planning their wedding no matter their budget, or style.  Personality and budget are just the beginning, The Secrets of Spectacular Wedding Photography covers its all.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing The Secrets of Spectacular Wedding Photography?

It took me over a year of writing and refining to make this book what it is today. It had to be helpful, not too wordy, and the information needed to maintain a long shelf life. Other than a few technology tips included, the knowledge I shared in my book is applicable now as its was twenty years ago, and will be for many years to come, no matter what type of wedding you will be planning.


Can you tell us a little about your background?

I shot my first wedding in January 1989. I worked for three photography studios before starting my own business, Robert Evans Studios, Inc. in January 1994. I have photographed over one thousand weddings to date. Today, I photograph only 15-20 weddings a year all over the globe. I am easygoing and enjoy people and I absolutely love what I do.

I enjoy travel and travel to most of my wedding assignments.  One of my biggest honors is being selected by Sony as a “Sony Artisan of Imagery”, one of a handful of photographers Sony sponsors and recognized as one of the best photographers in their field.


Robert Evans is one of the most highly acclaimed wedding photographers in the world. His personal humility, positivity, and dedication to his craft singles him out as a once-in-a-generation photographer. The growing list of recognizable personalities in the film, music, and business world who have sought out Robert Evans to photograph their weddings and private events include Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, Shania Twain, past Google executive and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston, Trent Reznor, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, Christina Aguilera, and silicon valley tech executive, Google’s Senior Vice President and executive chairman of Twitter, Omid Kordestani. Over the last twenty-seven years, Robert has documented over a thousand weddings worldwide and created iconic imagery that has graced the covers of countless national and international publications across the globe. Robert has had the honor of being selected to give a TED Talk. Robert’s work has been showcased on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, and countless media outlets around the world.


Where can readers find out more about your work?