Sidhe: Of Danu Book One

College Freshman discovers she is a rare fae and is endangered by the fae and human machinations; protected by her beautiful Hawthorn Knight.

Ella Darling is seventeen and from Tennessee. During her first semester at Columbia, she befriends her dorm neighbor, Debra. Debra notices that Ella, like herself, is not human. On the Fall Equinox, gathering in the wilds of the Fairey forest, Debra decides to bring Ella to give her a crash course in what they are: fae.

While playing music with a large band of very colorful and diverse fae, Ella begins to shine-- literally. As she spends the evening reveling with the fae, the last seals are broken over her latent power, and she is revealed to be the first new Sidhe to be born in thousands of years.
Ella’s very existence proves threatening to more than just the royals and nobles of her people. A shadowy human group seeking to destroy the fae begins hunting Ella. Enter her sexy protector, Nieve (Spelled Niamh in Gaelic-Irish). She is a tall, beautiful fairy with large butterfly-like wings. She calls herself the Hawthorn Knight, and she swears to keep Ella safe from danger.

Ella also meets a centuries-old adoptive sister, who is now the head of a group that polices both worlds from the presence of an insidious organization called Sphinx, which uses immortal blood to achieve longevity, fairies being the most potent. Ella searches out the goddess Danu, forcing her return to the fae folk. She struggles to find a peaceful co-existence with several warring factions that don’t seem to have a single reason to permit her to breathe. She also digs deep into the mysteries as to why the fae are failing to have pureblood children, and the Sidhe are slowly fading away with each death.

During her inadvertent adventure into the world known as Fairey, Ella uncovers a plot to depose the Regent of the throne. Ella must protect herself, and her family, then she makes unexpected alliances (with the wild fairy centaurs and their God, Pan).

Her group of friends, and her very lovely Hawthorn Knight turn the tides of a major immortal human invasion into the fae court. Ella even catches the attention of the goddess Danu when she nearly dies saving the day from a traitorous Sidhe noble who fancied herself the next queen, even if she opened the portals to Fairey, to many of its worst enemies in the process.