MoreAlive@75 (Author Interview)

MoreAlive@75  looks like a wonderful motivational guide for older adults.  Can you tell us a little about why you wrote the book?

MoreAlive@75 is not just for seniors.  It is information I wish I had in my twenties. 

The US spends more than any other nation on Health Care, yet we have a lower life expectancy — 2 to 5 years — than other industrialized nations who spend half as much as we do on health care.

As a nation, we are misinformed.  Obesity and diabetes have risen to epidemic levels in the last 40 years because of the Food Pyramid promoted by nutritionists and doctors since 1977.  Atrial Fib is a growing concern and almost uniquely a US crisis because our soil has been depleted of magnesium for more than 100 years.  Other industrialized nations don’t have an AFib problem.  Statin drugs are routinely prescribed to reduce cholesterol, but they have many dangerous side effects and only reduce the harmless form of LDL.  They do nothing about the dangerous small particle LDL that causes arterial plaque buildup, and they block CoQ10 which is critical to our health in many ways.

It is sad that I only learned these things recently and I don’t want others to be my age before they discover the truth about many health challenges.


Any plans to turn it into a series?

That is a possibility, but right now I plan to expand the topic with YouTube Videos.  I am not comfortable in front of a camera, so I can’t guarantee that will remain my approach.  I have written over 25 books — most of them about Digital Photography — and would like to try another media form.  I also see video as the dominant form of communication going forward.


What inspired you when writing MoreAlive@75?

Many people think they are powerless to reverse chronic health issues.  This attitude is reinforced by health care professionals who mindlessly tell us “…it will only get worse with age.”  This statement is only true because we have a health care system that is structured around Managing Illness with drugs rather than prevention, education, and common sense.  I was surprised by how easy it was to reverse diabetes and insulin resistance and wanted to share that knowledge with others.


When did you decide to become a writer?

I have always written as a form of stress reduction, but I began publishing books in earnest about ten years ago.  Photography was a hobby of mine for most of my life.  When I made the transition to digital, I was shocked at how difficult it was to get information.  Ultimately, a retired commercial photographer tutored me for two hours.  In that time, I learned what I couldn’t get from books or continuing education courses.  I became a professional photographer and decided to share what I had learned with others.  My books have been best sellers in the digital photography category for the last nine years.


How did you come up with the story and ideas in MoreAlive@75?

Extensive research during my Covid alone time and a lifetime of personal experience.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing MoreAlive@75?

I knew a lot about the health care issues but needed to do a lot of research to make sure I was being accurate in my statements.  I found numerous YouTube Videos by doctors to support my claims about issues like weight loss, diabetes, and statin drugs.  Links to these videos are included in my book.


What do you like to do when not writing?

I am a professional photographer, so that takes up a lot of my time.  I am now expanding into video, so I am learning new editing software and how to make YouTube Videos.  I also enjoy hiking and being outdoors in general.  I enjoy sports of all kinds but have been limited for some years because of knee problems.  I plan to correct the knee issues with prolonged fasting.  I am also an avid reader on a wide variety of topics, ranging from spiritual to scientific.

I am a retired engineer, woodworker, and corporate innovator.  A few years ago, I patented a versatile woodworker’s bench concept that I hope to commercialize.


Where can readers find out more about your work? 

Just goggle Al Judge and you will find all my books.  You can also go to the Amazon Website and search for Al Judge.

My MoreAlive@75 YouTube Channel can be found at with additional info at . 

My photos are available at .