Seriously, This Is Online Dating?

The Ultimate Women’s Guide to Improving Self-love & Successfully Navigating Online Dating

Have you ever screamed in frustration after another horrible online dating fail and wondered what in the world you were doing wrong? What if I told you you could get in the driver’s seat and take control of your dating experience? It’s entirely possible! You need Sean Marie Bee’s hilarious, poignant, and life-changing book, 
Seriously, This Is Online Dating?.

Inside this book, you will learn how to:

·Improve your self-love and navigate dating with confidence
·Stop wasting time on men who are not right for you
·Date like a high-quality woman to attract high-quality partners
·Honor your boundaries to avoid disrespectful situations
·Define your ideal partner and relationship
·Develop an online dating strategy that works for you
·Avoid emotionally unavailable and low-effort men
·Recognize your negative behavior patterns and reset
·Quickly identify and acknowledge red flags
·And much, much more!

This book reveals the secrets to overcoming limiting beliefs that hold you back from receiving the love you deserve.

Each chapter is filled with funny and moving real-life dating stories and life-transforming advice to help you achieve a frustration-free dating life. If you’re ready to remove the barriers between you and love, you need this book.

It’s time to start loving yourself harder and dating smarter.

Get your copy of 
Seriously, This Is Online Dating? right now!

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