Cat & Jet (Author Interview)

Cat & Jet looks like an exciting story.  Can you tell us a little about it? 

It’s the tale of a true professional burglar who lands in more trouble than she can handle alone.  So she has to reach out to her true love who just happens to work for Interpol.


How many books do you have planned for the series?

As long as people enjoy reading Cat and Jet stories I’ll keep writing them.  I love the characters and settings.  Cat has a unique propensity for trouble and Jet can never bring himself to not come to the rescue.


How long did it take you to write Cat & Jet? 

About two months.  Cat and Jet was one of those rare titles that writes itself.


What inspired you when writing Cat & Jet? 

I love crime stories on BBC, I don’t write for BBC 4; giggle; so I made my own.


Can you tell us a little about Cat? 

She’s a middle aged English woman at the peak of her game.  She describes herself as having the body of a movie star and the face of a house wife.  Smart, experienced and able, she has only one weakness, her love for Jet. 


How did you come up with the story and ideas in Cat & Jet?  

I wanted to explore the idea of a true professional criminal, it had to be a female and older, life has happened to this woman and she has survived.  She can flow through the criminal underworld.  Also I wanted to write about an Interpol agent around the same age.  A great agent with any number of arrests to his credit.  He wants’ to be thought of as cool, suave and capable but for all his brilliance he is only those things to Cat.  The idea of these two making a great time while on opposite sides of the law makes for a great story I think.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Cat & Jet? 

Interpol procedures and policies.  I found myself reading the history of Interpol and how it operates so I could have Jet break those regs in a believable way.  Also modern electronic security, it had to make sense how it worked and how Cat foils it.


What do you like to do when not writing? 

I race bikes, climb, hike, take care of my cat.  My little girl and I build models, write together and enjoy painting miniatures.


Where can readers find out more about your work? 

There are two really good places to go first is my website at or my author central page at