The Hellfire Club (Author Interview)

The Hellfire Club looks like an exciting story.  Can you tell us a little about it?


Logan McAllistar an ex- Army hero is released early from prison on parole and sets out for revenge of the Crime Lords that he believes set him up. His girlfriend a high-class call girl has gone missing he fears she has been killed after a ‘Trick’ went wrong. He wants answers!

The Crime lords blame him for a missing drug shipment from the Russian mafia who want their money or a pound of flesh. They also know that he has taken sensitive video tapes from their London ‘HellFire Club’ containing secretly activities of high-profile people worth their weight in gold.

Enter Liberty Bell young dynamic, sexy and aggressive investigative reporter from New York who teams up with a lifetime policeman whose career is on the decline. They form an unusual relationship and together want to find McAllistar and secure the tapes for her big story and for DI Eager to bring the Crime Lords down and revive his career.

They are not the only ones. The CIA and a US rogue hit team, the corrupt police, MI5, Russian Mafia, and KGB plus the Met Police all want those tapes.

The chase is on!


Any plans to turn it into a series?

ANS: Yes, book 2 The Cleansing List- Hellfire Club part2 was launched on 30th of June this year. It follows on from the first and is set in both the US and UK.

 Book 3 is planned, and I am writing a movie script (first time I have done this).


That’s an amazing cover.  Can you tell us a little about it?

ANS: It represents the eventual burning down of the modern-day Hellfire Club created by the UK gangsters in an old Abbey. Two groups of competing gangs have a fire fight at the Abbey known later by the media as THE SHOOT OUT AT THE OK ABBEY. The Abbey is burnt down to cover up what it was as the police attend the shooting.

The lady was captured there and is escaping.

What inspired you when writing The Hellfire Club?

ANS: The people I have met and worked with around the world, both good and bad. I believed that I could use my experiences of and with them and meld together a very interesting story.

I think the greed and corruption we all witness day to day whether it be politicians, corporate moguls of just crooks. The constant sexual weaknesses of men in power and the perversion that is all around us, mostly hidden.

I was a sixteen-year-old Police Cadet when the infamous Kray twins passed through our county. I listened to the radio of the police cars following and have been interested in the London underworld since.


Can you tell us a little about Logan McAllistar?

ANS: Logan McAllistar is an ex British Marine, hero of actions in the Northern Irish troubles and regimental boxing champion. A hard but very decent and quiet man of few words. He accepts a job when he leaves the Army as security chief at the Blue Haven adult entertainment club which his then friend jointly owns with his brother. His friend later turned to the dark side of criminal life.

He came from Sheffield a dirty Yorkshire industrial steel city at the time. His mother was an alcoholic and dad used to beat him badly. His only escape was a holiday for poor city children on a farm with a couple who became his Aunty and Uncle and showed him love.

Wrongly accused of stealing from a small shop as a young man, he is given the choice of going to Borstal (youth prison) or joining the boys army, which he did.

The book starts with Logan years later, walking back at night in Derbyshire County to the farm after being released from prison. He had been set up and now needed to plan his revenge from a cottage his aunt and uncle gave him called McAllistars Cottage – the original name of the book.


What will readers get out of your book?


I hope the readers will come to love the four main characters, that come together as an ‘odd bod’ team in the book. Liberty Bell is a young aggressive and sexy New York investigative reporter, Logan McAllistar Army veteran, Detective Inspector Eager a middle-aged policeman fighting for his career and Gavin Hastings the ultimate tabloid newspaper editor.

There are twists and turns and ups and downs, some comedy, but what I hope most is the reader will get to know and appreciate the depth I have built into the characters and the interplay between them. There are also an interesting mix of good guys and bad guys.

I have used areas of interest in England to provide a colorful background.


How did you come up with the story and ideas in The Hellfire Club?

ANS: After I was shot three times in the back in South Africa I just started writing and the ideas just flowed. I never get writer’s block and I never plan or sketch out the chapters in the book.

As crazy as it sounds, I feel that a ‘spirit’ writes with me and I just type.

I live near one of the original Hellfire Clubs in High Wycombe and have visited it as it is now a tourist attraction. They say that Benjamin Franklin was a guest there at one time!

The characters are loosely based on people I have met and, in some cases, worked with. I have lived on five continents and spent eight years in Los Angeles in corporate.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing The Hellfire Club?

ANS: No, it just flowed.


What do you like to do when not writing?

Father and family man. Love to cook, reading and advising on business when needed.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

ANS: The site had problems and needs updating which I will do over next few weeks.

I have written four children’s books – Big Charlie, Little Charlie and Fred (on Amazon), Skelton Skars – Viking boy – The Great Jewelry Heist, The Kraken and Searching for Viking Treasure- three books which I want to self-publish.

I have also two Curtis Blaine Private Detective adult novels ready, Nite Flite and The Algebra Killer. I have offers but I am unsure whether to self-publish or go with a publisher.