Sold Out Souls (Author Interview)

Sold Out Souls looks like a great guide.  Can you tell us a little about it?

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2/2020 I worked at the bedside back in ICU at eight hospitals until 2/2021. I saw what was happening, the death and misery and what wasn’t being done. Our souls were sold out for money. I wrote the text to provide treatment guidelines for prophylactic, early treatment through intensive care, and long haul covid issues including vaccine injuries. My entire goal since releasing the first edition in February 2021 was to keep people out of the hospital with covid and provide guidance to providers for those hospitalized to try something different. Even 2 ½ years later, the same methods and protocols are being used with the same less than desirable results.


How long did it take you to write Sold Out Souls?

I started writing the text in June 2020 (release 2/21) using what I had seen in the hospital, my 15 years ICU experience, 10 years teaching experience, and the teachings of Dr. Peter McCullough MD, Dr. Pierre Kory MD, and the late Dr. Vlad Zelenko MD on what covid is, does and how to prevent and treat it.


What inspired you when writing Sold Out Souls?

I learned what covid did in the body and found treating the issues it causes: inflammation and blood clotting, were left mostly untreated or partially treated post viral illness. Those two things led to the breathing issues that were putting people in hospitals. Early multi drug therapy with or without controversial medications works to treat covid and personally have helped over 1200 people with 100% success rate. I had to get what was in my head out onto paper to share with the masses. Providers use my text on a daily basis to treat covid infections across the globe.


Can you tell us a little about your background?

I started my adulthood with 12 years in the Army as a Tank commander, worked in research and development in aerospace (devices called friendly explosives) and the aftermarket American big twin parts market in research and development making new products. I was always inquisitive and started building and programming computers in the 70’s when starting age 9. At 32 I went back to school and became a nurse. In my 16-year career, I worked full time in ICU (primarily traums – we get the breadth of issues vs specialty) and went to school 12 of those years.  I have earned 5 degrees in nursing. Two associates, a bachelor’s of science, a masters of science as a nurse educator, and a doctor of nursing practice (a clinical doctorate, not solely research- I touch people like physicians, dentists, etc.). I hold licensure as a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner. I have edited textbooks on pharmacology, drug calculations, and physical assessment and examination including national test questions and case studies many providers and nurses use in their education today.


What will readers get out of your book?

Readers will find out what covid it as a two phase illness (viral and then pulmonary/embolic) and how to treat it at every level. I include all the drugs and supplements including dosages. I explain what happens in the body in terms most people can understand and the rationale of why the treatments work. I also include why they sold out our souls with using covid as a tool of nefarious purposes many are still blinded to. There is no conspiracies in the text. All claims are factual, even the predictions that we are now seeing are true. It is not a political text, but it surely is about freedom regardless of your party affiliation. Written by a Native American Disabled Veteran with European blood, for American’s and any others desiring freedom.


How did you come up with the ideas in Sold Out Souls?

The ideas are a culmination of knowledge and experience during my lifetime and first hand front line experience with over 360 covid patients in ICU. I zipped up more body bags than I ever seen in my life and knew that had to be something missing. I sought that out, found others of like mind and we banned together to do so. We have accomplished our task despite our facts, scientifice evidence and real work practical success still being censored and dubbed medical information by people who obstinately refuse to open the cover and read a single word.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Sold Out Souls?

My mind expanded greatly at the lengths that have been gone to in order to make people comply, freely give up basic human and constitutional rights. It was heartbreaking and still is.


What do you like to do when not writing?

I enjoy lecturing and teaching individuals and groups many topics using critical thinking and root cause analysis with a pragmatic solution based approach. We find daily around the globe that what we know or think we know has areas to fill in or in need of updating or correction. Whether is be archeology, bibilical timelines, historical events or current affairs, the truth should be used in such a manner. If it was inaccurate we should bring it to light and let the people decide what they wish to believe, not shove it down their throats and make everyone believe one truth for others gain.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

My linked in page includes my background and work history. My Amazon author page has a biography and videos also.