A to Z of Web3 (Author Interview)



A to Z of Web3 looks like a great children’s book.  Can you tell us a little about it?

A to Z of Web3 is a fun and easy to read ABC book that explains new technology surrounding blockchains and the metaverse. These topics can be complex and often misunderstood, A to Z of Web3 introduces these concepts to kids using child-friendly language and colorful illustrations.

What inspired you when writing A to Z of Web3?

My inspiration for the book was to introduce children and parents to a major change occurring to the internet. When the internet was first created, most people would simply read information on webpages from a home computer – this was called Web1. Today, the internet is much more interactive. Most people upload their thoughts, photos and videos on social media via a smart phone – this is Web2. The next phase of the internet will evolve to include digital ownership and be experienced through virtual reality. This will be Web3. My hope is that introducing the next generation to Web3 concepts will motivate young minds to pursue these and other STEM topics in the future.


What will readers get out of your book?

A to Z of Web3 was written to make learning about new technology fun for both children and parents. It is enjoyable for everyone from early-adopters to folks who are completely unfamiliar with emerging technology.


What age group is the book for?

Ages 3-11 can enjoy the book. It is written with three levels of learning. Level 1 is for ages 3-5, Level 2 for ages 6-8 and Level 3 for ages 9-11. I’ve also had many parents say it was very informative for them as well!


What part of the book was the most fun to write?

Developing all the illustrations was the highlight of publishing the book. Every detail of each page was carefully designed to make learning fun, and creating these was a lot of fun. I’m very proud of how every illustration turned out.



Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing A to Z of Web3?

Yes! Because it is an ABC book I needed a topic for every letter. Finding good topics that fit the style of the book for the Q and the Z took many weeks to decide on.


Can you tell us a little about your background?

My career has centered around large-scale and emerging technology. I’m currently helping build this next phase of the internet called Web3 and am passionate about sharing my knowledge with the future generation.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

Paperback and Kindle editions are available on Amazon: mybook.to/atozofweb3.