Microsoft Excel For Beginners: Complete Step-by-Step Guide

You will learn how to use Excel’s functions in this book. This book gives you the most critical techniques for dealing with the deluge of data and information that we are bombarded within our everyday lives, both personal and professional.

You’ll wow your bosses with your computer skills, and you’ll have the tools you need to handle any work in your personal life. This includes your to-do and grocery lists. Tables must be ordered, and Excel proficiency is required.

While Excel is best recognized as an accounting program, professionals in any sector, including science researchers, can benefit from its capabilities and formulae because it can track any type of data. It eliminates the need to count cells or copy and paste performance figures for hours. Excel usually provides a shortcut or quick workaround to fasten the process.

Rather than just reading the book, try to actively practice Excel’s examples and theoretical concerns. Internalising the functions is critical, as you know: Practice makes perfect!
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Spark your skills in Excel! Go from a blank worksheet to pivot tables.