My Path to Spontaneous Healing

In this fascinating memoir, Sharon Saulenas, an Intuitive and registered nurse, shares her startling spontaneous healing from debilitating injuries, including a traumatic brain injury.

She takes you along with her as she experiences the terrible crash that caused life as she knew it to come to a screeching halt. You’ll continue along through pain-filled days of seizures and dramatically reduced quality of life to suddenly exploding into another time, another space, where complete healing occurs.

Healed and renewed, she is now able to step fully back into life. Her senses and abilities are greatly enhanced. Joy and gratitude course through her entire being as never before and she is once again delighted to help others heal in whatever way is in their highest good.

Beyond this, she also chronicles many other experiences communicating with a realm outside the domain of normal human experience.

Starting in early childhood, listening to her inner voice was a natural part of her. As a teen, she began receiving unsolicited communications, or 'messages', that forewarned her of some future event, often the death of someone she knew. These messages proved prophetic, and at first she found them disturbing and frightening. However, over time she came to accept and trust them. Later in life, working as a RN she found that her sensitivity to this other realm helped her to foresee different aspects of her patient’s condition, aiding in their healing.

Visiting with loved ones that have passed was also a normal occurrence for her from a young age. During these visits, she would be filled with unbounded joy and unconditional love.

Much later, shortly after her husband died, she had a greatly expanded experience of Heaven that was far above and beyond the joyous, love-filled meetings she had come to know. Here she describes dissolving into complete perfection, fully united in love. A towering event so Magnificent that much of it is inexplicable, yet she does her best to share it with us.

As an RN, Ms. Saulenas worked mainly in the specialty areas of ICU, Trauma, Adult Burns, and Hospice, where she very quickly discovered that there was far more to healing than treatments and medications. She bore witness to, and helped facilitate, many ‘miraculous’ healings, both large and small. She shares some of those such as:

+ A surprising response from a dying comatose patient that gives him and his family joy, comfort, and closure.

+ A long distance healing for a patient with lung disease and double pneumonia that bewildered his doctors and family.

+ Removing crushing head pain from a patient with deadly brain tumors.

+ And much more.

At the core of it all is her belief that we are all connected. We are all of the Divine, (or Greater Consciousness), and by turning inward, we can tap into that unlimited wisdom that offers endless ‘impossible’ possibilities. Life becomes filled with more beauty, joy, love, and healing. Here Ms. Saulenas shares her simple practice of connection with this boundless source, this powerful energy that supports and unites us all.

Her revealing stories and simple instruction will inspire readers to open themselves to the latent powers that lie untapped within us all.