The Baking Witch: A Bedtime Story About Staying True to Yourself

(A bedtime story for children reading ages 5-8.)
Valerie isn’t welcome in Evil Castle because she doesn't like to practice witchcraft. Instead, she loves to bake cookies.
However, things start to change after Valerie opens her own bakery. All the creatures fall in love with her cookies and become supportive of her doing what she loves to do.
The Baking Witch is a tale to teach children about accepting people for who they are and never changing just to fit in.

About the Author
Julia Zheng is a children’s author from Fujian, China. She now lives in Massachusetts. Zheng graduated from Nanchang University, where she majored in English and studied Western culture. She taught English in a primary school in southern China before moving to the United States. Her teaching experience and passion for writing have inspired her to write children’s books, especially stories that convey important messages through humor, warmth, and a happy or unexpected ending.
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