Affirm your world: Powerfully create your dreams, hopes, & wants with this interactive affirmation coloring workbook for adults

Affirm Your World, an Adult Coloring Book

With the help of this interactive adult coloring book of affirmations, you may effectively manifest your goals and desires. Use this interactive coloring book to affirm your world.
Create your universe in vibrant detail with these pages. You can use affirmations to take action, eliminate self-limiting ideas, and focus on fulfilling your life's purpose.
-Get rid of negative thought habits.
-Make it a habit to think positively.
-Develop new beliefs for yourself.
Use the power of this affirmation coloring book to emotionally connect your thoughts to action and bring your deepest goals into existence.

From the Author
I wanted to make a coloring book that was more than just words or images on paper. I wanted this to be an escape where someone was able to affirm their uniqueness, realize their grandeur, and clearly build the world they desired to live in.
About the Author
My road as a dyslexic writer hasn't always been simple. But I didn't give up! Instead, I worked twice as hard and pushed myself to keep going even when I wanted to quit. My goal is to assist you in growing and realizing how exceptional you are, so I decided to create self-help workbooks and guides to demonstrate how confronting our anxieties and fears head-on can improve our lives by simply shifting our perspectives.
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