This is a journey into the forces that shape and control our life. The ideas others have embedded in our minds profoundly impact ourselves and our future, for better or worse. Understanding how this works is the beginning of gaining control over our own mind.

·         Psychology Controls the Biology of the Brain from adrenalin and cortisol to a flood of neurotransmitters. From Anxiety and Depression to the thrill of victory, love, and sex.

·         From the emotional reaction of our mind to a Hollywood horror movie, or a comment from the peer group, or positive emotions from our parents, the emotions embedded in our brains by others shape our anxiety and depression, or our success in life.

·         This is a book about what they never told you in school. The most important facts of life.

·         "If only I knew then, what I know now..." is the most common regret of life. It fairly screams the critical importance of knowledge. All of us know that there are things we could have done better in life if only we had, an understanding of life or people.

·         What is it that the most important minds in psychology and the most successful people know about succeeding in life? From Lincoln to Oprah, from Mark Twain to Elon Musk, J. B. Rowling, Einstein, Michael Jordan, and more, are the lessons of life that we never learned in school.

·         The nations who learn the “secrets” of how to motivate their children will outclass us in the decades to come. We will be left in the dirt.

·         Countering the fear of failure by learning how all successful people had to deal with life's problems.

·         Staying Sane in an Insane World: Anxiety and Depression, How the most successful people made it.

·         What Motivates Success “The Fire in Your Belly” Oliver Wendell Holmes. 

·         "It flowed into my bones. It directed my life." John Paul Sartre. How words shape our life.

·         Social Skills that Make for Success in Life.

·         Prophylaxis: Learning protects us from life, and aids success.

·         From Great Depression to Great Success