Notebook Collection (Author Interview)

You have made a great collection of notebooks.  Can you tell us a little about them?

To me creating notebooks and journal is much more beyond just designing :It is soul and mind love languages that can inspire, motivate and empower.

 I have passionately designed variety multiple designs for everyone : Students, Employees, entrepreneurs..

Notebooks & Journals remains always an important and inexpensive and practical, perfect for a gift. The main advantage of the notepad is that it will constantly be in the sight of its owner, and it is a  sincere witness for all your growth. 

Any plans for more?

Yes, I m uploading daily different creative designs which I make with lots of love and passion.

What motivated you to create these?

Nowadays, smartphones are capable of nearly everything. With the right apps, your entire life can fit into a single digital device. But with constant notifications, pop-ups, and reminders going off, it is incredibly easy to get distracted when using your phone.

For this reason,  I see many people find it useful to swap their phones for a notebook. Not only does writing things down using a pen and paper help engrave information into our memories, but physical notebooks also have the power to increasing your productivity and creativity.

The benefits of keeping a notebook are numerous, such as: It helps improve your memory, It allows you to disconnect from digital devices, It turns your ideas into actions, It holds you accountable, It can help you improve your day to day routine.

And the most importantly for us to keep children’s  disconnected from electronic devices should start from parents: holding our notepads will make to duplicate us.

What will people get out of your notebooks?

Creativity, variety of options. Inspiring  and empowering quotes in the cover.
We all know how massive words are powerful and impactful on our heart and mind . So, seeing an Inspiring quote in your notebook cover will certainly push you forward.
Positive words are a pure cure that refresh our mind and soul which We all need that!
People come and go BUT words REMAINS!
A notebook with Inspiring quote “I believe on you “ for your partner could be the best way to express your support to her/him.
A note book with inspiring quote “Create your own path “ for your son or daughter could be a turning point in his/her life.

A notebook with inspiring quote “Make your dream happen”  to your coworker could be just motivating signal to big innovation!

What makes your books highly recommended?

Creativity, exclusivity, variety of designs and empowering quotes.

What do you like to do when not creating notebooks?

Reading : I enjoy reading success related books , as well as psychology books.

Yoga is my everyday balanced combination physical, mental, and emotional wellness and it is necessity in my life.

How useful are your gratitude Journals?

I believe that Joy comes from gratitude. I’m a living proof of whole life changing after living and practicing gratitude everyday.

It is important to take some time for ourselves and remember the simple joys & things to be thankful.

My Gratitude Journal Notebook is designed to start your day with the right heart position and gratitude.