Animal Detectives: The case of the missing goats

Animal detectives Ripley Rabbit and Brixton Beaver are faced with a tough case and a goat-load of trouble!

All is quiet on the farm, until young Noah counts his goats: 1…2…3…4…5…6…

But where is number seven? As Noah soon finds out, it’s not the only goat missing from his small, South African village. It seems there is a goat-napper on the loose!

But who is to blame? An angry crocodile, sneaky ostrich, or a leery leopard? It’s up to you to help Ripley and Brixton search the scene, find clues, and match the evidence to suspects before more goats vanish. The clock is ticking!

This interactive picture book includes educational facts about animals and a mysterious adventure that will keep kids hooked to the very last page. Recommended for ages 5 - 7.