The Book of Men

A war is brewing in the Heavens...

The Archangels were supposed to be the guardians of mankind – but after Lucifer’s infamous fall, the forces of evil began plotting humanity’s downfall. The Archangel Gabriel became the next to succumb to sin, leaving Archangel Michael locked in a devastating war against his brothers.

Brought together by a brewing conflict that threatens the mortal and supernatural realms, Gailen the Holy Knight is thrust into an unlikely partnership with a demon named Relic and a human lawyer named Auriel in a battle against the fallen Archangels and their army of demonic followers. With the weight of humanity resting on their shoulders, the trio must overcome their differences and use their unique talents to outwit the supernatural army and prevent a coming apocalypse.

They began as enemies, but now their survival depends on one another. Can Gailen find it in his heart to trust Relic and Auriel? Or will their suspicion and hostility spell the end of humanity and the Heavens?