Jonny Entrepreneur (Author Interview)

Jonny Entrepreneur looks like a great book.  What can you tell us about it?

Jonny Entrepreneur is a book that follows the journey of a young boy as he starts and runs his own business. It covers the practical steps needed to get a business off the ground and also focuses on the mindset and attributes that are important for entrepreneurship. The book aims to inspire young readers to think creatively and set goals, while also providing tools to overcome challenges and adapt to unexpected situations. It's a great resource for planting the seeds of entrepreneurship in young minds and teaching valuable skills like critical thinking and problem solving.

Any plans to turn it into a series?
Absolutely! The book ends with Jonny already thinking about his next business idea, showing his continued passion for entrepreneurship and drive to succeed

What scene or section did you have the most fun writing?

One of my favorite parts of the book was when Jonny initially thinks his entrepreneurial journey is over due to a lack of snow, only to discover that new opportunities are on the horizon. It highlights the importance of perseverance and being open to change in the world of business.

What inspired the idea for the book?
I was inspired to write this book as a way to teach my two young sons about entrepreneurship in a fun and engaging way. I have always been impacted by the books that my mom read to me as a child and wanted to create a similar experience for others. With that in mind, I set out to write a book that would inspire children to think critically, pursue their dreams, and plant the seeds of entrepreneurship in their minds. My goal was to create a book that would leave a lasting impression on its readers.

The idea for this book actually came about while discussing creative business opportunities with friends. One of my ideas was to write a children's book about entrepreneurship, and my friends challenged me to follow through with it. I accepted the challenge and the next day, I began writing."

How did you come up with the title for the book?
I loved the name 'Jonny' and wanted to use it in a book about entrepreneurship. I thought that 'Jonny Entrepreneur' was the perfect title because it is simple, catchy, and accurately represents the content of the book

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Jonny Entrepreneur?
I didn't realize the extent of the work that would go into creating a book until I started the process. I thought I could write it in a few days and everything else would fall into place easily. However, I quickly learned that there was much more to it than that. I needed to get the book edited, proofread, illustrated, and then go through the process of finding a designer and publisher. And that was just the beginning. I also had to start marketing the book and building a list of potential readers.

It was a lot more work than I initially anticipated, but I'm a go-getter and once I start something, I can't quit. So, I stuck with it and am proud to say that I have completed the book after six months, even though I initially thought it would only take a week. It was a challenging but rewarding process.

What do you like to do when not writing?
Since selling a few startups, I've been able to spend more time with my family, travel, and work on personal growth. I've also started doing some consulting and am still a partner in a few businesses. Overall, it's been a fulfilling and exciting time for me.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
I'm still deciding whether or not I want to make a real debut on social media. It's something that I'm considering, but I haven't yet made a final decision. I'll have to see how I feel about it in the future.