A World Sold on Image: The Truth about Real Beauty


How do you really see yourself? Are you living authentically?

This book is a powerful guide for those who are ready and willing to stop living in a false definition of beauty and start living in truth.

Most of what we have been taught about beauty was rooted in childhood and is wrong. In this inspiring guide to beauty, Lisa D’Anna makes a solid case for what real beauty is. She takes out the cliche “beauty is on the inside” and proves no one lacks beauty. We only lack the ability to see who we are authentically. Whether we realize it or not, most of us strive to be an image of what society deems as beautiful, and imitation is becoming our full-time job. While Lisa supports the importance of image, she knows from working in one of the most image-driven fields of cosmetics that a flawless image is not enough to be beautiful and reveals the powerful steps to live a life comprised of beauty.